Crawl space encapsulation is extremely important to the health of a home. The purpose here is to inform homeowners about the benefits of crawl space encapsulation. Also, to provide information about encapsulating an extra space. Crawl spaces are useful architectural elements of our built environment.

The Benefits of Crawl Space and Basement Encapsulation

They allow access to many kinds of underground services. Like basements, crawl spaces offer storage space and a place for mechanical equipment. More often than not crawl spaces do not contain insulation.

As a result, moisture enters the space through the soil, concrete walls, or floors, and insulation. This will lead to damage such as mold or rot. This enables conditions that can reduce a structure’s service life or cause health problems for occupants. The damage is caused by moisture and humidity that wicks through the building paper or other materials.

As this moisture rises, it is then able to contact and damage the insulation and/or structural components of a building, such as joists, studs, wallboard, etc.

Attics are naturally vented through soffits and gable or ridge vents to prevent high-temperature and high-humidity conditions. Because extra spaces do not benefit from this same ventilation, they require a different solution to control the humidity.

Toledo Basement Repair Services

We can help prevent these problems and will enhance the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency of a home. Services involve the installation of a polyethylene vapor barrier over the soil, encapsulate the walls with spray foam insulation, and place a rigid board on top of the foundation wall.

We offer a free estimate on any waterproofing, basement encapsulation or repair needs you have. Due to the Covid-19 virus affecting us all, we have taken precautions to disinfect homes and businesses with a biodegradable spray. Crawl spaces must have routine assessments.

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