Crawl Space Encapsulation

Since your crawl space is part of your home, you should treat it the same way you would the rest of your living space. In fact, new building codes can require that crawl spaces be sealed from the outside and insulated and sealed from the ground up. Toledo Basement Repair by The Diversified Group uses our Griffolyn TX-1200 high-strength, cord-grid polyethylene vapor barrier encapsulation system; you’ll enjoy a healthier home while saving money on energy bills.

Just like our basement waterproofing systems, there are different levels of protection. For the more serious water problems Toledo Basement Repair can use the same techniques that we use for our basement water proofing solutions, which can include our interior and exterior water channeling systems.
Our encapsulation system features a thick vapor barrier and insulation that forms a virtually impenetrable barrier that will keep out water, moisture, mildew, rodents and bugs, and can also help reduce the risk of toxic radon gasses. With our crawl space encapsulation system, the improvements can be dramatic.

Save On Your Energy Cost

Crawl space encapsulation can help lower your energy bills, give you better sound control and give your entire home a cozier feel.
Our basement crawl space encapsulation system helps keep hot, humid air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter. It will increase your home’s health by completely blocking all outside air infiltration from reaching your crawl space, basement or interior of your home, and will improve the interior air quality by minimizing unconditioned air infiltration and stop unwanted humidity condensation within walls of your home. This feature alone can stop the growth of mold, mildew.

Insulation Tax Incentives
Improvement to your crawl space may qualify for Economic Recovery Stimulus Plan tax credits of up to $500 or 30{e2b1e605cf4071dccb88a508c306b8a85d1391342da3179ddb837a001c18a3b1} of insulation improvement project. The combination of tax credit and energy savings will help the project pay for itself.

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