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Waterproofing Solutions That Make Sense

Understanding the different waterproofing systems

Interior Waterproofing Generally Includes:

  • Includes removal of concrete floor along the repair zone.
  • New drain tile is installed and covered with rock aggregate.
  • Walls are perforated to allow weep holes to remove the excess water.
  • A drainage system is then installed and attached to the walls.
  • Toledo basement repair has adopted the revolutionary GrateProducts closed tile systems. It adapts soil gas mitigation and waterproofing to the next level.

Exterior Waterproofing Generally Includes:

  • Generally includes excavation of walls. Walls are cleaned of any excess debris and dirt, and examined for any cracks or holes which would be filled.
  • We install multiple levels of waterproofing.
  • We then install tile, stone, and filter fabric.
  • Specifics are detailed during the consultation.

Options for Wall Coverings

HD FinishShield™ – A 16mil, Class A (Fire Rated) wall vapor barrier recommended as a durable wall covering.

  • It’s perfect for basement walls where a customer may not finish right away, but would like the protection against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity and potential wall leaks.
  • The measured average permeance of FinishShield is 0.015 perm.


ThermalShield™ – A 90mil, Class A (Fire Rated) foil-faced and true white poly wall vapor barrier.

  • It’s the wall vapor barrier of chioce for adding additional installation reflecting indoor heat back into the basement space.
  • Save energy and protect against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity and potential wall leaks.
  • The measured average permeance of ThermalShield is 0.014 perm.


Both systems work in conjunction with the GrateDrain™ System, shielding the living space from water vapor transmission and channeling wall leaks down to the GrateDrain™ system, to be pumped out with any groundwater seepage

Basement Waterproofing Solutions:

Toledo Basement Repair offers a wide range of basement waterproofing products and patented drainage systems that will protect your home and your family.

Our experienced project managers will custom design an interior perimeter drainage system, customized specifically for you.

  • GrateDrain™ (for general basement water problems)
  • GrateTrench™ (for bulkhead water problems)
  • We also offer the state-of-the-art, multi-patented GrateSump™ Sump Pump System.
  • Battery Backup Systems are also available and are a must to keep your home dry and your family safe during thunderstorms, when the power goes out.

How many methods of waterproofing are there?

There are only three real waterproofing options with variations of each, but first it is important to understand the difference between waterproofing and structural repairs. Many people think that the two are the same thing.

Think of your home’s foundation like the bones in your body and waterproofing system like your skin. Your bones are very important regardless if your skin is perfect. Bad bones may eventually affect your skin and a bad skin issue over time may affect your bones. So…. although the two are related they are still different systems.

Unlike our bones, the masonry that we build foundations with can take a lot of abuse. Therefore the industry created 3 forms of waterproofing. Some of the inside waterproofing systems take advantage of the strength of your foundation and some try to preserve your foundation for a long long long….maybe too long of time (outside waterproofing) 🙂

1- Outside the wall waterproofing BASICS – Usually completed when building a home. Coatings or coverings are put on the outside of the basement wall and a tile system is also on the outside of the home. The tile is all the way at the bottom of the wall at the footer. Do not confuse this with a SHALLOW (18-24 inches) tile with a DEEP (60-120 inches) tile that companies offer. The cost is a lot different, so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2 – Inside Tile Waterproofing BASICS – Which is used to fix water issues without digging up the outside. As a structural engineer, I hated this system. Why would anyone let water into their home? The easy answer is – an inside system will still last a long time before causing issues to the structure (bones). It is called the life cycle and cost-benefit analysis. If it will outlive you (depending on your age), most people think it is a pretty darn good system.

3- Inside Barrier WaterProofing BASICS – This system is really wishful thinking at its best. You are covering or “sealing ” walls to keep water from coming in. The process is easy but lasts a very short time relative to the other options.

The DRAIN TILE WE CHOSE for your home – For our interior waterproofing system, we did not want to reinvent the wheel but knew there was a better system than standard drain tile. So, I looked all over the United States and found a company called Grate Products which is owned by Steve Andres. Steve is a man that shares my values of always strive to do what is right for the customer. He came up with a complete but reasonably priced sealed drainage system because he did not approve of what he was currently installing. This decision was not money-based, as he was already pretty well off. There were too many failures with the existing tiles. The standard systems increased radon and mold in a home. It was not rocket science, but it was a Grate idea. 🙂

OUR OUTSIDE WATERPROOFING HIGHLIGHTS – Most of the time we complete outside waterproofing if your walls are bowing or falling. If we need to excavate the wall to push it back, waterproofing from the outside of the home makes the most sense. We offer three levels of protection when completing outside waterproofing. That is right, 3 systems layered on top of each other. Like wearing 3 coats in the winter. Is it overkill you ask? Maybe, but there cannot be failures. A warranty call for an exterior waterproofing project cost a LOT of time, money and is disruptive to the homeowner. We never want you to need an exterior system replaced. It is a very bad deal for you and us.

Waterproofing Solutions That Last

Our Perfect Drain System Products / Services Include:

  • Tile In and Out
  • Crock and Sump Pump
  • Water Shield
  • Drywell and Yard Drainage
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation and Waterproofing
  • Grading and Sealing
  • Invisible Support and Reinforcement
  • Foundation Repair
  • Wall Straightening
  • Tile Flushing
  • Sump Pump Service and Maintenance
  • GrateDrain ™ (for general basement water problems)
  • GrateTrench ™ (for bulkhead water problems)
  • We also offer state-of-the-art, multi-patented GrateSump ™ Sump Pump Systems.
  • Battery Backup Systems are also available, and are a must to keep your home dry and your family safe during thunderstorms, when the power goes out.

Options for Wall Cracks:

  • Epoxy Injection
  • Polyurethane Injection
  • Bentonite Injection
  • Surface Cementitious Compunds
Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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