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Basement Egress Doors

Why Basement Egress Doors Matter:

Basement egress doors are more than just an entry or exit point; they are crucial for the safety and comfort of your basement space. These doors not only allow for emergency exits in case of fire or other emergencies but also flood your basement with natural light, creating a more welcoming and functional space. If you’re looking to enhance the value and safety of your home, basement egress door installation is the way to go.

Professional Egress Door Installation Services

At Toledo Basement Repair we offer different basement egress solutions, always aligned with the current IRC code for building a finished basement, so you can rest assured that in the event of any type of emergency, your basement will be fully secure. Our basement egress doors are easy to open serving as fast and effective emergency exits or entrances for rescue personnel if required.
We combine years of experience in waterproofing with a highly trained team dedicated to ensuring your basement egress door is installed with precision, complying with safety standards, and offering a touch of personalization to meet your unique requirements.

Basement Egress Doors Law Requirements

The IRC 2012 or International Residential Code pertains to all single and two-family homes. The intent of the code is to keep you and your loved ones safe by requiring a means of egress in basement-level living spaces. The are two reason for needing a means of egress.
  1. To allow for an exit in case of an emergency and also to provide access for a firefighter to gain entrance. Egress windows doors and windows are required in every habitable space. Especially in any room used for sleeping purposes. Basement bedrooms require their own individual egress window. If you have an existing home and you add a sleeping room or finish a separate living space in the basement, the code requires that you install an egress window to serve these spaces.
  2. Without a means of egress, these rooms can represent a dangerous fire trap. If you have a basement that has a bedroom, recreation room, den, family room, media room, office, or home gym. All of these rooms are required to have a means of egress

Quality Service and Construction

When you opt for Toledo Basement Repair, you’re selecting to collaborate with highly skilled professionals in the field. Beyond our specialization in crafting custom basement egress doors, we provide comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial basement repairs as well as foundation rehabilitation. During egress door installations, it’s not uncommon for us to discover underlying basement issues that may necessitate interior or exterior basement waterproofing repairs. We employ cutting-edge technology to guarantee a watertight seal for your home, ensuring it remains dry and secure.

Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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