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Floor cracks and joist repair

Floor Joist Repair

The crawl space floor joist plays a vital role in the construction of your home. A floor joist is one of the horizontal supporting members that run from wall to wall, wall to beam, or beam to beam to support the main floor. It may be made of wood, steel, or concrete; but most often it is wood 2″x8″s or 2″x10″s. Floor Joists are often supported by beams and sill plates on top of the foundation, and are usually spaced every 16″ in the center.

A weakened, damaged, or overspanned floor joist can have many problems that will require different repairs. The key to floor joist repair is to address the exact problem a floor is experiencing. Other companies will approach floor joist repair with a one size fits all approach, and it rarely will actually solve the problem. Warning: Be wary of any company that is talking about notching or ripping a floor joist to install them, they should be installed as their full size.


Rotted Floor Joist Replacement

Problem: Floor Joist has wood rot or termite damage.

Solution: Depending on how severe the dry rot or termite damage is in the joist determines how much of the joist may need to be replaced or reinforced. Most often, the floor joist end that sits on the sill plate has a minor amount of damage, and the joist can be repaired by sistering a new joist that is at least 4 feet out past any rot or damage in the joist. In severe damage, a new full length floor joist must be installed.

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After most foundation stabilization projects, windows and doors that were stuck will once again work normally. Cracks in the walls will become repairable and furniture will sit level again.

Our foundation repair team uses engineering data and the latest technology to ensure that each foundation we repair is done right, on time, and cost-effectively – and stays that way. If your foundation is in trouble, please contact us for a consultation.

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