It’s best to take care of your basement in the winter. Since most basements are below ground, they are more prone to water issues and excess moisture. It would be best to waterproof before winter arrives. But if you missed your chance, you can still consider weatherproofing in winter with the help of a professional.

We identify water problems and offer permanent solutions. Cracks, inadequate drainage, windows, and doors are some of the reasons you might be experiencing water issues. Here is how you can make everything watertight this season.

Patching Cracks On The Walls And Foundations

Foundation repair can minimize your water damages. You should be looking for more permanent solutions that will keep water from your home for years to come. Patching the cracks yourself might be a temporary solution. If you don’t have the right skills, you should leave the repairs to an expert. Our Toledo Basement Repair team will create a customized action plan for your foundation and walls.

We ensure you don’t ever have to deal with chronic leakages again. When water leaks through the walls and foundation, it can quickly build up and flood the area. Patching cracks helps you avoid pests, mold, leaks, and damage to your belongings. Drainage issues can also cause moisture. While the professionals are repairing and patching the foundation, they might also check to see if your drainage is working correctly.

Weatherproofing The Exterior

When it comes to damp basements, the problem is usually located outside. However, exterior weatherproofing is a huge undertaking, and it will be even more difficult if it’s snowing. But you can’t finish your damp-proof without examining the exterior. Always consult a professional when you are considering outdoor proofing methods.

You might need to excavate the soil around the foundation, which requires heavy machinery and tools. A civil engineer or contractor will advise you on the best cause of action. Consider the gutter system; they are responsible for directing water away from your foundation. If they are clogged or improperly installed, the gutters will deposit water close to the base of your house. When you work with Toledo Basement Repair professionals, they will consider every aspect of your weatherproofing needs.

Using Sealants and Coats

We use special sealants to effectively prevent new moisture from traveling inside your home. Coatings and sealants are the easiest way of damp-proofing when it’s snowing. Everything is done from inside the house; the harsh weather will not hinder the contractors. Sealants also do an excellent job of preventing condensation and reducing humidity levels.

When you start to notice rotting and mold on the walls and floor, it’s time to call the experts. Sometimes the sealants are the best solution, but if the water damages are advanced, our team will advise you on other weatherproofing techniques. Coatings can be put on walls and floors, creating an effective barrier. When it’s freezing outside, you might not notice water leaking into the house; you will notice when spring comes. That’s why you must take precautions early on.

Waterproof Basement in the Winter

Our Toledo Basement Repair team is always ready to help you get prepared for the harsh weather by making your house watertight. Be sure to contact us (419-297-6138) if your home isn’t waterproofed. We offer free estimates for any of your basement damp-proofing needs and 10% off your next service. If you are not ready before the first big thaw, you risk flooding the house.

The spring thaw needs to find you prepared. There are many methods of making your home water-repellent that our team will go over with you. Check out our webpage for more information about protecting your basement in the winter. You can also follow us on Facebook!

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