Have you ever let that little nuisance turn into a big problem? Maybe you’ve had a slow leak in your tire that you ignore, telling yourself you’ll take care of it later. Then, suddenly, you get a flat tire at the most inconvenient of times. Don’t let that happen to your basement.

A small wet spot on your carpet can quickly turn into a flooded basement – destroying possessions and memories, causing chaos in your home. Who needs that? Ensure that you are taking care of your home’s basement and foundation. Make the time and do it today, not next week. Proper landscaping, clean gutters and basement waterproofing can help ensure that your home is safe from unwanted flooding and mold. Being concerned isn’t being paranoid – it’s being a good homeowner!

Here are a few signs to look for to know you need to call a basement waterproofing professional.

Damp, Musty Odor

Does the basement smell like a middle school locker room? There’s a pretty good chance that there is water seepage in your home. Even if you don’t see any physical symptoms, that smell is a powerful sign.

Presence of Mold

This should always, always be a concern. Never ignore mold anywhere in your home. It doesn’t matter what color it is, the existence of mold in your basement is a serious concern. As soon as you notice it, call an expert to get an estimate of what the extent of the damage is, what needs to be done, and how much it will cost to fix.

Visible Efflorescence

This is a white, chalky substance you will see on the walls. Efflorescence is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, like concrete, where it forms a coating. This happens near areas where wall cracks and openings are present because they let water in. This is not as serious as mold, but it is a bad sign.

Cracks in the Walls or Floor

Even if you do not see signs of water seepage, foundation wall cracks never go away by themselves and will only get worse as time goes on. Luckily, if cracks are your only problem so far, fixing them is usually the least expensive waterproofing remedy.

Hairline floor cracks are common sources of water seepage from hydrostatic pressure built up below ground. However, large cracks, gaping cracks, or heaving may be signs of inadequate flooring or more serious foundation problems.

Bowed Walls

If you notice an inward curve or bulge in your concrete foundation wall, this needs an immediate fix. Bowed walls cause long horizontal cracks that will allow water infiltration and could possibly compromise the entire foundation. Bowed walls can usually be fixed with steel bracing.

Water Marks on Walls

Similar to the window problem, if you spot stains from water that has run down your basement walls, this means that water has entered over the top of the foundation. This can happen due to grading problems or exterior sources of infiltration. If the space is not waterproofed then it is likely to happen again.

How Toledo Basement Repair Can Help

Toledo Basement Repair helps customers to identify water problems in commercial and residential locations in Toledo & Maumee Ohio and all surrounding suburbs including Sylvania, Perrysburg, Holland, Oregon and Rossford. We are able to diagnose foundation water problems and fix them before irreparable damage occurs. If you have observed rust forming, cracks in the floor or walls, or mildew becomes evident, you need to have your foundation checked by our in-house certified specialist.

We offer our customers permanent solutions to their water problems. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that you will no longer experience chronic basement leakage. We specialize in diagnosing where your water problem is coming from. We then create a plan of action to perform a high-quality basement or foundation repair. We stand by our work. Contact us today at (419) 297-6138 to learn more.

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