Why does my crawl space smell? If a property owner’s curious about the odors coming from their crawl space, they’re not alone. They only go there when it’s necessary. That means changing filters and checking HVAC equipment. A property owner might even find yourself turning obscure plumbing valves. The bottom line is that a property owner doesn’t have time or money to have an inspector check their crawl space.

What is that smell?

There are various reasons why their crawl space may be smelling. In addition to moisture, it could also contain manure or compost. In either case, odors from these substances can enter the rest of their house. If a property owner notices a strange smell in their crawl space, consider the following: If their home is not sealed, the air in the crawl space may be too moist for their house.

First of all, if the smell comes from the crawl space, it may result from mold. If a property owner sees mold, the cause could be various things, from organic materials to dead insects. A property owner may need to have the area tested by a professional to identify the cause. This testing is not always possible, but if property owners do their homework and follow some basic steps, they’ll discover where the problem is.

Smell of Pests?

Another reason why their crawl space might smell is due to animals. It’s a dark and warm place, which attracts animals. The animals then bury themselves in it, leaving behind their waste. In addition to creating an unpleasant odor, the dead animals will also release spores into the air. If this is the cause, call a professional exterminator immediately. Besides removing these creatures, a property owner should check for water damage and dampness.

Smell of Sewage?

In some cases, the source of the smell maybe something else entirely. It could be the smell of sewage. This type of odor is highly unpleasant and irritating. However, ignoring the problem will only result in a worse odor in the future. If a property owner doesn’t do anything about the smell, visitors to their home will notice it too, and it will only get worse. If a property owner leaves it unchecked, the odor will only increase severity.

Smell fo Moisture?

The occurrence of mold is an indication of moisture problems. It can cause the smell of their home and affect the contents of their home. If a property owner finds any mold signs, contact a contractor to remove the odor. It is essential to have their crawl space inspected periodically. Contact a contractor to help a property owner fix it if it smells.

Other Causes?

The reason their home’s crawl space smells is probably due to a leaking air duct. The soil beneath their home is naturally full of small organic matter, and this decay creates odors and odorless radon gas. These materials can be disturbed, allowing water to permeate upward. As a result, their crawl space can be damp and have foul odors that can arise through the house and into the rest of the house.

What to do?

There are several ways to prevent these problems. The first way to keep their crawl space dry is to install an exhaust fan. A property owner can purchase a ceiling fan to draw moist air out of the area. These fans can prevent moisture saturation, resulting in a foul smell. In addition to the smell, they can help a property owner avoid a moldy crawl space in the future.

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