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Do You Have A Backup Sump Pump?

Are you positive your sump pump will protect your home this fall and winter? Maybe you’re already experiencing flooding and leakage in your basement. Either way, now is the right time to have a backup sump pump installed. If you already have a backup sump pump, here’s a list of tips to incorporate into your annual to-do list so you can enjoy a flood-free year.

1. Inspect your pump unit
It’s crucial to ensure that the pump unit is always plugged deep into the ground circuit, which helps prevent accidental electrocution if a short occurs when the sump pump is submerged.

2. Test the pump’s operation
Slowly pour water into the basin and observe keenly as the water level rises up the sump.

3. Check the float in the pump
Careful examination is vital as it enables you to ascertain if the machine is functional and doesn’t stick on the lid.

4. Check the outlet pipe
Always check for blockage in the outlet pipe, usually located outside the house, and make sure the drainage is flowing freely to reduce water stagnation chances.

Importance of having a backup plan

Haven’t gotten that backup sump pump installed yet? Remember, like any other mechanical system in your house, the pump can fail. So, it is crucial to have a backup plan that will salvage the situation and close the performance gap created. Here are some benefits of having a backup sump pump installed.

• No Power? No Problem. You’ll have no worries if your backup is battery-driven because it will work even in stormy conditions if your home loses power.

• Lasting home Protection – Your home is fully protected from flooding because the battery-powered pump will automatically turn on in case of an emergency or primary failure. If the primary pump malfunctions, the secondary pump starts and alerts you to the problem.

• A peaceful state of mind. Fears of flooding are always alleviated by most homeowners who have adopted the use of backup plans. Flooding, a significant worry for most people, is a non-issue if you have a better backup plan strategy.


Don’t forget, for the pump to operate at its best, a regular check should be carried out to ensure that it is working correctly.

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