You’ve done your research, found a basement waterproofing contractor, and signed the contract; now the question is – “What  should I expect with basement waterproofing?”  We’re here to help with that!  Lots of homeowners feel anxious about taking on a project like basement waterproofing.  How big of a mess will it cause?  How long is this project going to turn myhome upside down?  Will there be a lot of dust?  How much noise can I expect?  Will the noise scare my dog?  In this article, it’s our goal to address some of those common concerns and hopefully put your mind at ease so you can feel fully prepared for your upcoming project.

Is It Going to Make a Big Mess?

During any construction process, it is normal for things to be a bit out of sorts for the duration of the project.  Interior basement waterproofing involves breaking up concrete with a jackhammer along the perimeter of the basement.  That means a good amount of dust will be stirred up and unfortunately this cannot be completely avoided.

Keeping the Dust Under Control

basement dustWhat do we do to prevent the dust from becoming a huge problem?  As part of our process, we cover your belongings with plastic sheeting.  We also work to keep the areas where we enter and exit the basement clean and free of debris.  This may mean putting plastic or another material down on the floors and steps to properly cover them.  This not only helps keep the floors clean, but also prevents any scratches or damage.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts to keep dust under control, a small amount may be left behind during the process.  If you have high value items in your basement or irreplaceable family heirlooms, it may be best to secure these in a different location for the duration of the project.  We do have a rigorous cleanup process and we try and make sure our customers are fully satisfied before we leave.

To learn about the step by step process of interior basement waterproofing, click here.

Is My Yard Going to Be a Disaster?

What if you have an exterior basement waterproofing project?  What should you expect with basement waterproofing then?  When waterproofing the exterior of a home, we must dig along your foundation wall on the outside.  We do this with a piece of machinery.  If you have landscaping along the foundation, we will have to move it.  While we cannot guarantee the survival of landscaping, we do make every effort to place them back once we backfill.  During the process, we take all safety precautions necessary to ensure that our customers, as well as our employees, stay out of harm’s way.

Why Bother Waterproofing from the Outside?

Some waterproofing companies will tell you that it is not necessary to waterproof from the outside and that it makes too much of a mess.  But when the job is done correctly by a skilled expert, there is no reason why your yard cannot be put properly back in place with little indication that any work was ever done.  Additionally, some basements must be waterproofed on the exterior if you really want to address the root of the problem and keep the basement dry permanently.  So it’s important to remember the reason for doing the waterproofing and the good outcome that will come as a result.

How Much Noise Can I Expect?

protecting your homeUnfortunately there is no way to break up concrete quietly.  We must use a jackhammer and jackhammers are noisy.  The noise will come and go while our worker’s are completing this portion of the project.  If you have dogs or young children that are highly sensitive to noise, please notify the job foreman and request a warning before they begin jackhammering.

What About After the Project is Completed?

Once the project is finished, the job foreman will check in with you to explain any last minute details.  The foreman will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions.  He or she will leave you with all the necessary paperwork for your project.  You will receive a guarantee to go along with your waterproofing system.

Feeling Prepared?

We hope this article helps you to prepare for your project and gives you a better idea of what to expect with basement waterproofing.  Our crews at Toledo Basement Repair will make every effort to make your project as painless as possible.  Our company has numerous online reviews in which we’ve been recommended because of the way we conduct our jobs.  Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about our company. If you have questions, give us a call! (419) 297-6138.

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