What Are You Doing To Prevent Basement Leaks?

There is no doubt about the damage water can do. Yes, water has many benefits for life, but when its leaking or damaging your basement- that’s another story. The key is in prevention, and quick remedy. No one can prevent catastrophic storms, for that is Mother nature at work. However, there are things one can do, to help lessen the load and stop basement leaks. Do not drown in your anxiety, take a look at these options for a clear basement.

Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!

One important factor about keeping one’s home in good condition is the foundation. Do not neglect the fissures which geologically appear! Remember, the earth’s crust is on the move. So three things you need to remember: repair, repair and repair! At Toledo Basement Repair we have you in expert hands. No more worry- especially with the climate change, flooding, and unexpected storms.

A Few Ways to Prevent basement leaks, and to strategically stop basement leaks:

  • ● Place moisture control gadgets and units in your basement
  • ● Make sure your basement is ventilated, so that mold does not have an environment to grow on.
  • ● Install French Drains for extra drainage
  • ● If necessary, install sump pumps they are highly efficient
  • ● Use water proof paint in your basement
  • ● Use concrete sealant to provide strength- install 2 layers of concrete
  • ● Patch any visible cracks, so they do not enlarge
  • ● Correct gutters and down spouts
  • ● Install basic waterproofing, and make sure your furnace or hot water heater is not leaking, as well

Helpful Tip
When you are concreting the basement, ask the contractor if he can provide concrete with volcanic ash. It will make all the difference in the restoration and leak prevention. By the addition of volcanic ash into the concrete, at a certain level it will make the concrete much more durable!

Now, to further your knowledge of these valuable solutions for closing cracks, and problems with the structural base, visit Toledo Basement Repair. It’s your go to company for honest help with preserving your home. After all, cracks, and leaks, and foundation worries take away from your lifetime asset, your home. At Toledo Basement Repair, we stand by our work! That is a pledge you can count on!


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