Sump pump battery backup systems should be an important part of your basement water mitigation plan, and Toledo Basement Repair Sump Pump Battery Backupare used to supplement your primary pump. Sump pumps can fail due to power outages, mechanical failure or excessive use. When the pump motor overheats, the power goes out, or there’s too much water coming into the crock, there is a potential for your basement to flood. Toledo Basement Repair can install a battery backup system that can give you get several hours of additional protection from water damage.


Battery backup systems will switch to DC battery power when the AC power is out or when the pump fails. But while the power is on, some pumps can run directly off the AC wall current without depleting the battery. Systems which run exclusively DC power will only pump off battery power.
Choosing which type of battery to use is important. There are maintenance free deep-cycle marine batteries, as well as standard batteries with acid. Traditional batteries with acid require you to add water occasionally. Maintenance free batteries are fully sealed and require little maintenance.

Float Switch
The other main reason to have a battery backup system is to handle excessive water intrusion due to heavy Toledo Basement Repair Battery Backup Float Switchrain storms or rapid snow melt. When the primary sump pump cannot handle the amount of water in the pit, your basement can start to flood.

A battery backup system with a float switch installed above your primary pump can solve this problem. When the primary pump can’t keep up and the water rises in the pit, the backup sump pump goes to work. This will in essence double your pumping power.

The best benefit of a battery backup sump pump is peace of mind by having multiple layers of protection.

New Technologies
High-tech backup systems can allow you to monitor your sump pump backup system with a smart phone. You can Sump Pump Backup Systemprogram these backup systems to text or email you in the event of a sump pump emergency.
These pumps be a bit more expensive than regular backup pumps, but if you’ve spent lots of money finishing your basement, it’s a definitely a worthwhile investment.

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