Your spring-cleaning list might include remodeling the interior of your home. Maybe picking some flowers from the garden or setting out the decorative pillows? Before you beautify your house, have you spent time looking into the exterior parts of your home? It is important to have a professional come and look at your property to see if you need exterior waterproof services. If you do not already have water prevention measures in place you may be putting your home at risk.


Water can cause mold, foundational damage, and other issues. It prevents you from being able to make repairs, renovations, or home improvements as needed. Even with the absolute best of home insurance plans, these issues are sometimes still very time-consuming and inconvenient to solve. In extreme cases, a home will become entirely unlivable because of water damage and the residents will no longer be able to stay in the home. If repairs are unable to be done, some residents even find that they may lose their homes due to severe mold infestation.


The presence and growth of mold prevent you from living your safest, best life. It can cause respiratory problems and even permanent brain damage, especially when children are exposed. It can even cause death. Far more is at risk than just our homes and properties when dealing with water damage and mold, we must think about our own health and safety.


For residents in the Toledo Ohio area, there is a solution to all exterior waterproof service needs. Toledo Basement Repair would also like to generously offer anyone interested in their services a free consultation on any waterproofing or basement needs as well as ten percent off of their waterproofing or basement next service.

Corona Virus Concerns

For those who are concerned about the spread or contraction of coronavirus, waterproofing is still a good home repair option. Toledo Basement Repair actually ensures that all employees will uphold the utmost cleanliness and safety standards in order to prevent the spread or contraction of germs. This includes the use of hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks and well as the implementation of social distancing guidelines wherever possible in full compliance above and beyond all state and local regulations.


As heavy rains approach in the upcoming months, it is not time to worry but it is time to act. Do not just search “mold prevention” services but seek out Toledo Basement Repair first. They have the experience needed to do it right.


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