Basement waterproofing specialists and foundation repair experts will tell you that you always have to be on the lookout for water in your basement. It’s very important to maintain the structure of your home to make sure permanent damage doesn’t occur, but that’s easier said than done. Often enough, homeowners notice a damp basement which, if left checked, overtime will lead to severe structural damage, growth of mold, fungus and mildew – a leading cause of health problems such as asthma and allergies. Here are some tips that will help get have a dry basement that you can actually use!

What to Do: Ensure That Water Flows Away From the House

Sometimes the landscaping that is done around the home is to be blamed when water accumulates around the foundation. To make sure this doesn’t happen, ensure the ground slopes are situated away from the house.

What to Do: Install Gutters and Downspouts

People who reside in areas where there’s a lot of rain water and melted snow all year round have an efficient collection system in their homes, but you will have to install new gutters and downspouts if no such collection system is being made use of. Ensure that the downspouts are situated at least 5 feet away from the home structure.

What to Do: Use Water Resistant Paint

The interior walls are known to “weep” if moisture and condensation in your basement are regular occurrences. This problem can be prevented with painting the basement walls using a high quality and water resistant paint.

What to Do: Surround the Basement with Rocks or Gravel

The reason for this is quite simple; both are known to absorb moisture easily and dry quickly as well. In fact, putting rocks around the basement periphery has always been considered as an inexpensive and incredibly effective method for moisture reduction and accumulation around the house’s foundation.

What to Do: Install Exhaust Fans in Basement Bathrooms

You may have noticed high humidity in your basement if the room has an attached bathroom. For reducing those levels, we suggest the use of exhaust fans as that will not only remove the moisture but also improve ventilation. If the basement has windows, leave them open for some time on warm, sunny days. Similarly, opening them on rainy or humid days isn’t recommended.

While these tips are fairly easy to carry out, if they don’t solve the problem, consult Toledo Basement Repair! We are able to diagnose foundation water problems and fix them before irreparable damage occurs. If you have observed rust forming, cracks in the floor or walls, or mildew becomes evident, you need to have your foundation checked by our in-house certified specialist.

We offer our customers permanent solutions to their water problems. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that you will no longer experience chronic basement leakage. We specialize in diagnosing where your water problem is coming from. We then create a plan of action to perform a high quality basement or foundation repair. We stand by our work. Contact us today at (419) 297-6138.

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