Here are some concrete ways to prevent basement window wells from flooding! Having an egress windows in a home’s foundation does a lot to keep families safe, let in daylight, let fresh air into the basement and prevent a smelly, musty atmosphere. However, at the end of the day, windows are a weak spot in the foundation wall. When window wells flood, that water can leaking into the basement.

What can be done to prevent window well flooding? Read on to find out!

Prevent Basement Window Wells from Flooding

An egress window that is designed and installed properly, is built to the specifications of the space created in the foundation. It is bolted securely to the foundation wall. Finally, it includes a functioning drain that will carry water out, away from a home. However, if short cuts are taking in the installation process, the window well might to flood.

A common reason why window wells to flood because of a clogged drain or no drain at all. To prevent flooding, tt’s important that a central drain system that is connected to a pipe that leads to a storm water drain or is connected to a drain tile system (interior or exterior). At the very least, to a pipe that direct water away from the foundation.

When the drain is obstruct with junk like dirt, leaves or kid’s toys, the drain will run slowly or it won’t function at all. Making sure a clog doesn’t happen can be as simple as buying a cover for your window well. The only cure for a missing drain is to put one in.

You can also install a window well cover. The purpost of the covering is to keep keep junk out of the window well. It will also make sure weeds don’t start growing in there. Finally, it serve as a barrier against the critters trying to find a place to make a nest.

We suggest you avoid buying a cheap plastic cover – they don’t usually fit well, can easily break, and they create a perfect growing environment for weeds.  You’re best bet for getting the right fit is to order a custom-made window well that is poly-carbonate plastic with steel-reinforcements. This type of cover is more durable and will act as a safeguard for the window well for many years to come.

Toledo Basement Repair understands the seriousness of preventing basement flooding. It’s all about keeping your home protected from the outside elements that cause foundation cracks, wet basements, mold, and other basement problems. If you’re concerned about basement flooding, give us a call TODAY!

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