Is Your Crawlspace or Basement Waterproofed?

One of the last situations a homeowner wants to discover is water leaking into the basement or crawlspace. Excess water from melting snow or rain can create problems underneath the living space, such as mold. Also, standing water in the crawlspace or basement can lead to musty odors permeating the surrounding area. Unfortunately, unless this issue is addressed, it will worsen and require more money to fix. What should homeowners do to minimize this risk, and what steps help correct the problem?

Ensure Drainage Runs Away from the Foundation

A major issue with some homes is that the rain gutters run straight down and dump water right next to the foundation. As that water begins to pool, it seeps through the soil next to the foundation and runs into the crawlspace or basement. There are many ways to prevent this disaster from happening:

  • Purchase and install angled downspouts that you can run out from the house, directing the water away from the foundation.
  • Install a drainage system around the foundation called a French drain. This involves burying a perforated pipe wrapped in landscaping fabric and covering it with several bags of drainage rock. Run the pipe along the foundation and then away from the home following the yard’s contours.
  • Attach a flexible pipe to the end of the gutter spout and bury it, running it away from the home. This method can work great if the home sits on top of a hill as the pipes can pop out of the soil on the downgrade.

What Else Causes Water in the Crawlspace or Basement?

Certain factors can contribute to a water leaking issue. For example, any trees close to the home’s foundation can create problems with their root system. A mature tree’s roots can push deep into the soil, creating additional space for water to run close to the foundation. You might want to consider removing any trees close to the outside of the home.

Another factor to consider is how water flows through the property. If the home happens to be lower than neighboring houses, the rain could be funneling right to the foundation. This may require some grading or drainage system to redirect the runoff elsewhere.

Waterproof the Crawlspace or Basement

One of the best methods to stop water leaking under the home is waterproofing. This is a process you should hire professionals to complete as it involves specialized knowledge and technique. These services can include installing drainage systems, drainage matting, sealing the crawlspace area, and installing dehumidification systems. Fortunately, this is one of the services we offer at Toledo Basement Repair.

We offer a free estimate on any waterproofing or crawl space/basement needs, and we can also off 10% off the next service.

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