The foundation of a home is the most critical component of the entire building’s structure. If the foundation of a house is built strong and sturdy, the home will serve its purpose properly. However, if you have a weak foundation, the entire infrastructure of the house will have major complications and will be very dangerous to reside in. It is important to identify key factors that indicate that the foundation is experiencing a shift or is disintegration due to soil loss. Do you know if you have a weak foundation?

Cracks in the Walls

Cracks in the walls of a residence can be indicative of possible damage underneath the home. When the base of the house shifts then it will slowly cave in. The base of the home supports the walls. If the base of your home is experiencing complications that the walls will crack. The cracks appear above door frames, in the corner of windows, or even directly on the walls.

Windows that Will Not Close Properly

If we wake up one morning and try to a window to the home and find it complicated to close is indicative of a weak foundation. A window should not experience any give or pushback when closing. There is something going on with the basement of a home; the house may have lost its proper alignment and now the windows will not close.

Soil Sinking and Uneven Flooring

Often a house may not have been built on good soil. Too much clay, rocks, sand, or tree branches, in soil, can eventually cause the house it is built on to slide, tilt, sink, shift or crack. If the soil of a home is affected by inappropriate composition to its nature or outside damage like tree branches, plumbing complications, or natural disasters, the flooring of a home, along with the walls, and frames, will also manifest damage.
When the base of the home has been compromised, the floor of that house will begin to crack or sink or show signs of other damage.
Though it may sound very daunting to discover signs that indicate that the base of your home may be compromised, Toledo Basement Repair is available to take care of those foundational repairs in the basement through repair processes such as the push pier or helical pier system. Toledo Basement Repair offers free estimates on waterproofing and basement repair and 10% off your next service.
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