Wood rot has been a common problem plaguing homes since the beginning. Identifying and treating wood rot is important to avoid structural damage, mold, and even termites. At Toledo Basement Repair, we offer wood rot repair services to our customers that include a professional inspection and treatment of the problem. Based in Ohio, our experts have extensive knowledge and experience with wood rot that they can provide to you.

Below, we will discuss how to identify wood rot, what it is, and why it’s bad for your basement.

What is Wood Rot?

“Wood rot” is the term used for wood that has been affected by soil. Wood that comes into contact with water or soil will break down within a few years. This happens if the wood is in direct contact with the ground, especially if it’s submerged in water. 

Wood rot mainly occurs in the basements and crawlspaces of homes but can also happen in garages and attics. Wood rot is not only unsightly but also dangerous. 

Why is Wood Rot Bad for a Basement?

Rotting wood can cause problems in your basement. The most common issues include the following:

1. Structural Damage

Wood rot is the leading cause of structural damage in homes. The biggest issue with wood rot is that it can lead to the collapse of your home. This occurs when the wood is old and weak and falls apart quickly.

2. Wet Basements

Wood rot can lead to a wet basement. This happens because the rotting wood will allow rainwater into your crawlspace or basement. The water will seep through the walls and into the interior of your home, causing damage.

3. Bad Odor in the Basement

The rotting wood can cause an unpleasant odor in your basement. This will occur if the wood is in direct contact with the soil, especially if it is submerged. The rotting wood will release a foul odor into the air.

4. Mold

Mold can form in the area because of the rotting wood. It can cause health issues for people who live in the home, including allergic reactions to mold.

How to Identify Wood Rot in Your Basement

The following are signs that you may have wood rot in your basement:

1. Darkened Wood

Darkening in the wood is a sign that the wood is rotting. This occurs when the water has gotten into the wood and created areas of dampness.

2. Gaps

If you see gaps between the wood and the basement walls, they indicate that the wood is rotting. 

3. Spongy Wood

This is another sign that wood rot is occurring in the area. Spongy wood will have a texture and feel soft to the touch. 

Treat Wood Rot in Your Basement Today

At Toledo Basement Repair, our experts will inspect the wood for rot and then conduct treatment to remove all of the rotting wood. We will also provide you with a detailed report about the wood rot so that you can repair it as soon as possible.

Aims to provide the best wood rot repair services at Toledo Basement Repair. We offer same-day service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. You can also check us out on Facebook.

Bottom Line

Wood rot is a common problem that has the potential to cause problems in your basement. However, wood rot is easily preventable and can be treated with a professional inspection and repair service.

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