How Does the Change in Weather Affect Your Foundation and How to be Proactive About Keeping Your Home Safe

In the old times houses were simple and rarely contained a basement and if there was some underground structure it was probably a rickety old cellar way. In some cases little concern was given about how a home or structure was built, and basements were not as common as they are now. Basements and the structure of buildings or homes greatly depend on the structural integrity of the base. If everything else is structurally sound while the foundation contains issues, it is possible the structure is compromised. The base is the most important factor of all structural sites.

Weather Patterns
Many structures experience weather change of extreme patterns ranging from drought to massive floods in the spring and summer. Water is typically the contributing factor when soil is constantly expanding, contracting, freezing, and thawing consequently the soil is creating paths for moisture to begin damage. A problematic routine as moisture slowly breaks down concrete, and the weather change accelerates this deterioration.

Concrete is Subject to it’s Own Properties
Concrete contracts and expands just as soil and as this repetitive cycle continues over the years cracks and fissures become present. Over time these unnoticeable cracks may lead to larger ones which may produce structural issues.

From warm to cool temperatures the cracks open the door to nature’s cycle as water enters small fissures. This moisture will follow the natural cycle of expanding and contracting both the bedrock and surrounding soil creating a “frost heave” like scenario under and along your home’s foundation. This detrimental pattern goes unnoticed as many homeowners and businesses alike ignore the effects of changing weather patterns which slowly compromise concrete structures.

Extensive research has been developed to combat this known deterrent and proactive measures and solutions have been instructed. Simple tasks like installing French drains while slopping your soil away from the building itself are basic measures.

Proactive Tasks

  • Look for sagging roofs
  • Window or door that appears to be stuck or difficult to open
  • Cracks in walls, ceilings, stairways
  • Cracks in basement floor
  • Large cracks in soil surrounding structure
  • Gaps or steps separated from porch

Suspicion of Failing Foundation and the Solution
Never blow off the suspicion when it comes to building integrity and if there may be structural issues. The longer an issue is neglected or ignored the higher the damage and ultimately higher the cost for repairs. Reactive decisions should never be the case when dealing with the severity and damage failing substructures can cause. If any of the issues listed above are spotted Toledo Basement Repair should be contacted immediately. The cost of being reactive rather than being proactive is more than many of us can really afford, and so it would be wise to call us if any issues exist. Luckily we offer free inspections and estimates because we are care about your families safety.


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