Ever wish you could get basement access from the outside?

It can be a real pain taking the long way around the house with something heavy you need to store. Wouldn’t it be just awesome having another, simpler way to enter and exit your basement? Without trudging through your upper living space, banging against furniture and other objects? We can help with a basement access door. Many of us often have a load of extra space in our basements to store our larger items. You often find it limited to those items that are easy to transport through the house. An exterior door can give you easy access to store those items directly in your basement.

An exterior basement door professionally installed by Toledo Basement Repair makes accessing that space a snap!

It’s well known how bulky and large items such as patio furniture or outdoor sports equipment are. In many cases, some of those large items simply won’t pass through those standard doors. But why not unlock that valuable space you already own with an attractive exterior access door?

The generously wide opening allows easy storage access for those large and often heavy items. Your prized possessions can now be readily moved in and out of the house through a spacious opening. Toledo Basement Repair is your one-stop for exterior doors. We offer items like Bilco’s “PermEntry” which is a pre-manufactured entrance complete with a precast concrete stairwell.

There are no worries regarding the elements!

Exterior doors are designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, heat, and essentially all of the harsh weather conditions nature can throw at it. Most exterior doors are available in a variety of colors in a rugged powder-coat finish or just a simple primer coating ready for finishing by the homeowner after installation. The Ultra series Bilco door is a special code-compliant polyethylene construction that maintains the weather-tight performance but requiring virtually no maintenance.

We would be pleased to offer you a free no-obligation estimate on any waterproofing or basement need that you may have and we are currently offering a 10% discount on your next service with us!

For safety’s sake!
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us and we feel it important to stress that we at Toledo Basement Repair take it very seriously and have implemented all CDC-recommended precautions to keep both our customers and our employees safe during this dangerous and critical time. Also check out our facebook page!

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