Did you know there are common sump pump mistakes? For those of you that don’t, let’s take a closer look at your sump pump.

Sump pumps are pumps used to remove water that has collected into a sump basin, customarily found in a home’s basement. This water can get into the pump through the perimeter drains of the basement waterproofing or naturally through gravity. For gravity, it mostly happens if the basement is located below the water table.

These pumps are essential tools. They should be checked regularly and even repaired by professionals, The professionals at Toledo Basement Repair are among the best. However, as a first line of defense, avoiding these common sump pump mistakes will help. These tips will also help you maintain your sump pump and extend it’s life.

Insufficient space for the float switch

The float switch is the one that communicates to the pump once the water level gets too low. Due to the nature of its job, the pump has to have enough space, especially the area around the float switch. This will ensure that the arm of the switch sinks and floats without any distractions. If the switch does not have this free space, it is likely to affect how the pump works, which can, in turn, burn up its motor.

Allowing objects and debris to get into the pump

When objects and particles get into the pump, they will obviously affect the pump and cause problems such as clogging or ruining the motor. To avoid this frequent mistake, you should see to it that the pump is not placed on small-sized gravel, pebbles, any loose soil, or any other kind of object that can easily get into the pump. Instead, larger-sized gravel or rocks can be used. This will significantly help to maintain your sump pump.

Failure to test the pump system

Do not neglect your pump. It needs to be checked and tested regularly, at least once a year. Testing the system is an easy task. Take a five-gallon bucket filled with water and pour it into the pumps slowly, just like rainwater. It will reach a point where the water level will trigger the float switch to activate the pump. When this happens, the water level should be seen gradually dropping down. This will mean that the pump is good to go. If it doesn’t, you will have to call for professional help (like Toledo Basement Repair). They’ll be able to determine of the pump can be repaired or need to be replaced.

Breakage of the discharge pump

The breakage might even occur underground. If the damage goes unchecked for a long time, you may one day walk into your basement and find everything floating. The discharge pumps should be checked on regularly.

Not paying attention to the sound of the pump’s motor.

This is also a mistake. While your pump is working, the pump and motor should both be running. If they do, then the pump is in good condition and is ready to work.

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