A crawl space is a space under a house used for storage and drainage. These spaces can become wet and flooded during heavy rain or snow melt, causing damage to your home’s foundation, mold growth, and even make the basement flooded. Please don’t wait another day to have it checked.

How does a crawl space flood?

Heavy rains and melting snow can make a crawl space flooded, causing damage to your foundation and insulation. Water may also get underneath your siding and cause damage to both the siding and foundation of your home. 

If you suspect your crawl space has flooded, call for a free inspection by either a licensed general contractor or a licensed mold removal company.

Basement flooded?

If your basement becomes flooded, check for damage to the foundation. If water comes in under the foundation and up a crack in the wall, you may have a void or open space under the crawl space. You should call for an inspection by a licensed general contractor to determine if further action is needed.

How to prevent a flood.

A sump pump is used to keep water from entering your crawl space. The pump draws water and sewage from the crawl space and pushes it through pipes to a sump pit outside. A sump pump can be bought for around $200-$600 and installed by a professional.

To prevent moisture in your crawlspace:

  • Ensure the floor has good drainage and use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Use a pipe exhaust system to ventilate your crawl space instead of an open window.
  • Make sure access doors are weather-stripped, insulated, and caulked.

You should also have your crawl space inspected at least once annually by a licensed general contractor or mold remediation specialist. Contact an authorized contractor if you suspect water has entered your crawl space.

How to fix a flooded crawl space.

Call a mold remediation specialist immediately if you have a flooded crawl space or your basement. Mold can cause health problems in people and pets and will not go away.

They will remove the wet carpeting and insulation in your crawlspace, remove the water, clean all surfaces and potentially seal off cracks or holes in your walls. They will also inspect your home to determine what other damage has occurred. Also, they will explain the mold remediation process and provide a quote for the total cost of repairing the water damage.

Redo water-damaged carpets, wallboard, drywall, and insulation. Vacuum walls and ceiling as well as under furniture. The mold will mostly come from the carpeting and insulation if they are wet when removed. Mold can also be found on wood cabinets in your kitchen and bath areas if wet during a flood.

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