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Often, wall reinforcements are used to repair basements that have cracks or bows. When a poor drainage system is installed, water on the surface will build-up, and overflow into the basement.

As water builds up around the walls the soil pressure expands in the basement’s foundation. Ultimately, this buildup of pressure will cause excess moisture. This leads to the basement and the walls begin to bow or crack. Soil type also has a major impact on the stability of the structure. As clay soil absorbs moisture, it tends to expand or shrink as it dries out. When clay expands, this can put additional pressure on the foundation wall outside of the normal pressure.

Types of Cracks

Foundation wall cracks as well as horizontal wall cracks. Foundation wall cracks form at the foundation and create a passageway for water to seep in as long as they are not left treated. Wall cracks become worse as pressure on the crack from the outside will increases. This leads to a worse gap. Even a hairline foundational crack should be seen immediately as it can be a sign of a larger problem.

Horizontal cracks are also serious problems which can also mean the failure of the wall, the result is the house’s wall will force inward because of this additional force. Wall reinforcements are designed to solve many of the problems which arise as a direct result of wall cracks and other forces which damage the walls. In many cases, these forces lead to the complete failure of the foundation walls.

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Wall Reinforcements Services

Toledo Basement Repair provides a free estimate to our customers. We offer a high standard of quality and care to our customers in addition to In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our technicians and employees take extra care to ensure that they will not put any of our customers at risk through masks and social distance.

Aside from the additional foundational support, we also offer a waterproof service design to prevent additional damage. Our waterproof service creates a moisture barrier that prevents additional water from damage or mold.

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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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