5 Reasons Why You Need A Sump Pump System

A Sump Pump System is an important device to have in your basement. These systems are designed to pump out excess moisture and water to prevent flooding. So, it makes since that, almost always, they are installed at the lowest point of your basement. Sump pumps can also help to stop mold from growing in your home and affecting your health. Below are five reasons why you should consider having a sump pump system installed in your home.

Keeps The Area Dry

The main reason people have one of these pumps installed is to keep basements and crawl spaces clean. When the pit that the pump is sitting in starts to fill up with water, the pump will then be able to remove that water through a pipe that goes to the outside of the home. Each pump has a check valve in them which makes sure that the water being pumped out of the house is not able to back-flow back in.

Helps To Prevent MoldĀ 

Pumps keep the underside of the house dry by waterproofing it in a way that helps to prevent mold and mildew from building up. These are not just unsightly issues; they can cause major problems to the structure of your home and affect your health in some serious ways.

Alerts When Water Level Is Too High

Even when the pump is working well and waterproofing your home the way it should, water can still get into your house in some serious cases. Sump pumps have an alert that tell the homeowner if there is water building up downstairs. This alert will help them know when it’s time to give a basement repair specialist a call to limit the amount of damage from the flooding. Toledo Basement Repair will come ASAP and fix any damage before it gets too bad, which can save you money.

Adds Value To The Home

These pumps will help to waterproof your crawl space and basement which can really help raise the value of your home. It will protect the structure and make sure that there are no floods happening even in the worst of weather.

Stabilizes The Soil

The pumps help to stabilize the soil which therefore helps to keep your home stable. They are often put in in areas where there is a lot of water, so having dry soil is key to making sure the house stays stable over time.

As you can see, Sump Pump Systems are more important than you may have thought. They help to keep your home waterproof, helps to prevent mold growth, adds value to your home, and by stabilizing the soil it helps to stabilize your foundation. As a homeowner, you have to protect your investment! Call Toledo Basement Repair today and get a free estimate AND 10% off installation!

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