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Flooding in a house is one of the most stressful issues. People consider it serious trouble, whether caused by a leaking pipe or another source since it causes property damage. When flooded, the most sensitive part of the house is the basement because there are increased risks of mold if you do not remove the water early enough. One must ensure the basement is dried within 48 hours to prevent decay. Below are simple steps to take whenever you have your basement flooded:

1. Cut the power

Before entering your basement, ensure you switch off from the primary power source to prevent the possibility of an electric shock. We often rush to see the damage caused by water and try to salvage what is there, but safety precautions must be adhered to before anyone goes into the basement. It’s essential to unplug any electric appliances to prevent further damage.

2. Call the insurance company

In the case of leaks from groundwater, some insurance companies may consider it as an exceptional flood. However, in the case of pipes burst, you might need to cover your expenses.

3. Dry the flooded basement

It is critical to dry the place within 48 hours to prevent the wood and other property from getting mold. You can contact a specialist or the fire brigade if the water is too much, or you can use a floor sucker to suck the moisture if it is manageable.

4. Dry the items in the basement

Depending on what was in the room, ensure all items go outside for airdrying within the two days. Take machines to a specialist for drying, then consider airdrying for furniture and clothes. If the water has stayed for more than two days and mold has set in, discard the affected items. According to the environmental protection agency, once mold sets in, you can never remove it.

Once you have ensured that your basement is dry, the next step would be to prevent a reoccurring of the same. It is critical to do repairs on the floors and pipes. You could contact specialists like Toledo Basement Repair to give you a free estimate on basement damage and tell you the amounts required to repair your basement. They offer waterproofing services for floors and walls and can come to do the work for you. Choosing the waterproof options will keep the place secured from moisture. Waterproof wall panels and floors are a go-to solution and can sustain high moisture levels without damage.

After dealing with the wooden structural repairs, it is time to insulate your basement to keep it warm and comfortable. The professionals also seal off any source of leakage both from beneath or from the walls and ensure no signs of leakage are visible. You could also get a basement dehumidifier to absorb the moisture in the basement since there is usually no ventilation down there. Dehumidifiers work by absorbing the dampness in the air to prevent molding.

Has Your Basement Flooded?

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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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