Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sump Pump Failure?

Most of us are totally relieved that Spring and sprung and color is coming back into our landscapes. The only downfall of Spring, however, might be that the snowstorms of the past few months are turning into rainstorms. The real and ongoing threat of heavy Spring rain – in our flood prone area – means you probably already own a sump pump.

What if you experience sump pump failure resulting in damage to your basement? It’s no secret that Toledo, a low lying area, is accustomed to a lot of flooding. There’s also no shortage of drainage problems. These things can mean serious problems for your home. Not only could the structural integrity of your home be compromised, but also the property loss from a flood could be very costly. We’ve laid out all the information you need to learn more about homeowner’s insurance coverage and sump pump failure.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

In an area like Toledo, that used to be swampland, a sump pump is almost imperative. It is used to remove the water that has collected in an area, such as a basement or other structure below the water table. They can remove dampness from a structure, proving very useful in home repairs and maintenance.

What Happens When One Breaks?

When you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and your home is not waterproof, flooding problems come up regularly. As we said earlier, a sump pump is used to remove the water. If your sump pump does fail, the foundation of your home will collect any excess water and dampness. This can lead to a whole new host of problems. Examples of these problems would be cosmetic damage to the basement or even rotting wood. Not to mention, damp wood can attract termites and other pets you would not want in your home. If you have large pools of standing water in your basement as a result of heavy rains, it can also damage your personal belongings. Paper and fabric goods are especially vulnerable.

How Can I Get Help?

After a flood, one option for cleanup is taking the DIY route. Imagine you and a shop-vac for hours. Plus, the hours it will take to repair or install a replacement pump. No, thank you. The next option is to see if your homeowners insurance can cover this problem. Many standard policies may only cover the property that was damaged as a result of flooding. However, you CAN purchase additional homeowner’s insurance that WOULD cover a sump pump replace. That sounds like the kind of peace of mind we all need! Then Toledo Basement Repair can professionally service or replace your pump, right when you need it to be done.

With a company like Toledo Basement Repair in your corner, your pump will always be in good hands. We can take care of any waterproofing problem, with or without insurance coverage. Our services include waterproofing, foundation repair, as well as offering repair and maintenance options for sump pumps. Toledo Basement Repair can help you usher in those Spring showers without the worry of basement flooding.

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