There are many nuisances that can occur around the home, but one of the most annoying is mold. It’s possible to find mold growing anywhere in a home, if you go on a hunt for it. Typically people don’t think twice about it until they accidentally stumble across it or smell it. Mold puts off a musty and earthy odor that can easily be detected once it has begun spreading. We suggest making it a part of a monthly routine to for mold because, in some cases, it can pop up in common and even high traffic spaces. The sooner you are able to find it the sooner you can have it remediated. Not all mold needs professional remediation, but some mold should not be dealt with by the home owner, in that case Toledo Basement Repair can help with any mold removal needs.

Where To Look For Mold On A Monthly Basis:

  • In sinks, under sinks, and around utility sinks
  • In the shower and bathtub
  • Around toilets
  • In the basement

Prevent Mold In Window Sills

When you find mold, prevent it with vigorous cleaning in common spaces. Areas such as window sills during the hot summer months will definitely produce mold. To prevent it you will need to make cleaning these locations part of your weekly routine. Utilize bleach or vinegar and wipe the inside of the window to remove any retained water that could allow mold to grow. This is just something that can naturally occur due to rains, humidity or hot summer temperatures.

Mold In Sinks

If you discover mold under any sinks it is most likely due to a leak combined with warmer temperatures and a dark environment. Mold thrives in this kind of environment. The mold will expand over the moistened wood under the sink. If it is left to grow you may end up having to remove the wood base of the cabinet because it can become too compromised. By checking under sinks and inside cabinets on a monthly basis you will be aware of any slow leaks and be able to fix them. This repair will save you money on your water bill and keep harmful mold out of your home.

Mold Is Common In Bathrooms

When you look in your shower and find mold, prevent it with routine cleaning. It also helps to replace your shower curtain regularly. Bathrooms that do not have proper ventilation systems can become breeding grounds for mold. Also inspect around the toilet. Condensation can build up and mold can grow on the wall behind the toilet. Changing the shower curtain and routine cleaning will eliminate this type of mold.

Mold In Dark Spaces

Lower levels are the most common location for mold. Mold can grow due to water that comes in through leaking windows or seepage. If a sump pump goes out and water is released into the basement, the standing water is the perfect environment for mold to take over the frame work. Mold will grow up the walls and wreck havoc. Waterproofing is one of the most effective ways to keep water out. Waterproofing will secure windows and walls to eliminate seepage which will eliminate mold. Toledo Basement Repair is prepared to properly remediate any mold growth in any location within the house. Our team of experts at Toledo Basement Repair are ready to provide quotes and assistance while adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. Give us a call today at (419) 297-6138 or visit our website for an estimate.

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