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Water is a common problem for many homeowners. If you live in Toledo or anywhere in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan. If you have a basement, the question of why is my basement leaking – or better yet, how can I fix it? – it may be on your mind. This article discusses how rainwater gets into your basement and how to prevent leaking walls.

How does rainwater get into the basement?

Soil Pressure

The soil around your basement foundation exerts tremendous pressure on the walls made of wood or concrete blocks. Rainwater can seep through cracks and erode the walls, creating larger cracks that allow even more water.

Cracks in Walls or Foundation

If you’ve noticed water coming into your basement after heavy rains, there could be small cracks in the mortar between bricks and stones that allow water to seep. This can happen because of dry rot or wear-and-tear over time. But either way, it’s essential to fix these small openings. Before they become large enough for severe damage (like flooring collapse).

Cracks in Windows

Of course, you need windows to ventilate your home. But if they have loose caulking around them, rainwater will leak through these gaps onto whatever surfaces lie beneath them. Including your basement flooring!

How To Prevent Leaking Walls

Waterproofing Your Basement

If you leak your basement, it is likely due to water seepage. An excellent and long-lasting way to prevent basement leaking is by waterproofing the walls and floor with a sealant or paint designed for such purposes. If you want to prevent leakage in the long- run, consider hiring an expert to apply a professional who specializes in waterproof solutions to use waterproofing membrane.

Repairing Foundation

Foundation cracks are cracks in the walls or floor of your home that go all around it. They will use concrete or mortar to fill in the gaps between bricks, stones, and blocks. Repairing foundation cracks will prevent water from getting into your basement and help prevent more severe problems from occurring later.

Installing Gutters

Installing gutters around the perimeter of your home will help prevent water from collecting on the roof when it rains. This prevents it from slipping into cracks near windows or doors leading into basements where water pipes connect inside your house. Gutters can also be installed on an exterior wall, allowing you to redirect water if you have an indoor pool or hot tub.
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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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