A professionally waterproofed basement ensures all traces of moisture are kept out, thus sealing off any possibility of percolation. Do you use your cellar for storage purposes or perhaps as a place for recreation? If so you might want to think about waterproofing your basement. If not then your basement might be in danger of damage. Like your basement walls caving in.

Why are your basement walls caving in?

Soil Expansion – As the soil absorbs water it becomes saturated. To the point beyond which the soil particles become loose forcing it to expand and push against the wall foundation. This pressure is too much for your walls that they begin to buckle to the pressure of the soil. 

Rainwater – Excessive rainwater seeping through your structural foundation especially due to cracks or gaps in the wall may result in excessive saturation, which in turn weakens by enlarging the said gaps. When the gaps are big enough water will get into your basement.

Improper Drainage – This occurs due to a poor drainage system in your home originating from say, a plumbing failure. When such excess water cannot find its course, it gradually drips down your vault walls, essentially dampening and weakening the wall structure.

Why is it dangerous?

Foundational Failure – The soil around your foundation absorbing excessive water may in essence affect the overall stability and strength of such a foundation. In the long run, your home could be in danger of collapse or chronic structural damage towards your basement walls.

Cracked Walls – Excessive water forcing its way down the vault through its walls may subsequently expand any tiny gaps in the wall, thus leaving behind a trail of more cracks. Such cracks are bound to accentuate the effects of overall structural damage.

Basement Flooding – This may happen to unsuspecting homeowners who do not regularly assess the safety of their cellars. Over time, percolating water may find its rest on your vault floor and gradually rise to flooding levels. This may damage any personal belongings stored in the cellar.
How to fix this with wall pushbacks

How do you prevent this?

We highly recommend wall reinforcement through the wall push-backs technique. We do this by pushing the bowed or leaned walls back to their original position. This technique then restores the integrity of the wall structures and overall foundation of your home hence ensuring a lasting and secure home. To ensure the walls remain upright standing at all times, we fit long-lasting tie-backs or metal shafts to keep your walls intact.

This then enhances the wall stability. Steel shaft anchors can also play a similar role in preventing walls from bending, leaning, or cracking for the foreseeable future. Once you apply this particular fix, you should never have to worry about soil expansion and excess water pushing your vault walls. Beyond assessments and technical advice, we also offer a free estimate on any waterproofing and cellar needs.

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