What's in my Crawl Space?

Does worrying about what’s in your crawl space keep you up at night? Why wouldn’t it? It’s not uncommon to find dead animals, mold, and other grossness festering in the space under your house. We’d suggest easing your mind by having your crawl space inspected by a professional. But in the meantime, here’s a brief look at how what’s under there can affects your home.

Oder and Allergens

When left unchecked, you don’t think about the moisture that could be building up under your home. The crawl space is susceptible to rainy weather and changing temperatures, which can trap moisture under your home. As that moisture develops mold, rot will take hold of the insulation and wooden beams in the crawl space, releasing mycotoxins into your floorboards and home. Approximately 40 percent of the air in your home enters from below. If that air carries mold spores up into your home, your family is at risk for all sorts of health problems.

High Energy Bills

Is your crawl space properly insulated? If not, it can allow heat and air-conditioned air to leak out of your home. Not only is the air escaping, an uninsulated space can also mean that your furnace and air will have to work harder to keep your home at the perfect temperature. Without a properly insulated space, you could be wasting money by spending more on your energy bills.

Damaged Subflooring

We’ve already talked about how moisture can affect the air quality in your home, but it is also important to discuss how it can damage your home itself. Accumulated moisture will eventually cause your sub-flooring and surface flooring in your home to rot. If you don’t want to fall through the floor, that means a costly repair that could have been avoided with an inspection before the damage was done.

If you are worried about what’s in your crawl space, you should call Toledo Basement Repair for a crawl space inspection today! Now go back to bed!

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