We recommend homeowners check their crawl space for mold, pests, and moisture as well as lack of insulation. Because these important areas are designed for utility use and house drainage rather than living spaces, homeowners often overlook them. Checking your crawl space will save you money and time by preventing larger damage and heat transfer.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue for homes, especially ones in flood zones or on an incline. According to energy.gov, 98% of water vapor moves via air movement. Because of this air movement, proper seals over vents are required to reduce airflow and stop water vapor entry. Other important features include drains and ground seals to keep out rainwater. Another necessity is dehumidifiers, which remove any water in the vents. By removing water and preventing water entry, homeowners prevent wood rot, which destroys floors and walls.

Moisture Brings Mold

Sealing moisture out also prevents mold, which can cause illness, especially for people with asthma or allergies. Evidence of water problems includes musty smells and water stains. Mold is another source of building damage. Homeowners should have any rotten, moldy, damp, or water-stained materials replaced immediately to prevent mildew buildup and further issues. Homeowners should also keep themselves and their families healthy by having drainage, ventilation, and seals added by professionals.

Critters in Crawl Space

In addition to preventing water damage, proper sealing also helps prevent annoying pest infestations. These small creatures can cause health risks or permanent home damage. Mice, termites, and other vermin often gnaw on building materials, including wood and wires. Basements and crawl spaces are homeowners’ first line of defense against pests. If homeowners notice any damage, nests, or other warning signs, they should immediately contact Toledo Basement Repairs for assistance.

It’s Worth Taking Care of Your Crawl Space

Toledo Basement Repair can make houses more comfortable and save homeowners money by reducing temperature fluctuation. The bills from the extra energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature add up. The EPA reports that homeowners may save 15% off heating and cooling by adding insulation in attics, floors, and basements.
Surprisingly, many U.S. homeowners don’t take advantage of these upgrades to save money. Nine out of ten of U.S. homes lack proper insulation according to Energy Star. These homeowners needlessly spend extra money on their utilities and waste energy. If they lack proper seals and vents, they also leave their houses at risk for damage. Homeowners who want to save money and protect their homes should contact a qualified company such as Toledo Basement Repairs to inspect, repair, insulate, and seal their crawl spaces. These upgrades may also increase the value of homes if owners are planning to sell because they bring energy savings and peace of mind to potential buyers.

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