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What Are Egress Windows and Do You Need One?

Egress is a method in which you exit an area. Egress windows are the point at which you exit your home in the event of an emergency. Toledo Basement Repair offers solutions for these kinds of exits.

Are these windows worth the price?

Absolutely! These windows will save your life in an emergency that prevents a normal exit of your home. Required in many areas, this type of emergency preparedness will give you the peace of mind knowing everything to make sure your family is safe and prepared for emergencies is done. While fires are the most common emergency in residential buildings/homes, requiring crisis exits, the accumulation of toxic gases such as CO, natural gas, propane, and kerosene are also dangerous because they can cause respiratory distress and death. These are heavy gases that will accumulate at the lowest point of your home. It would be best if you had emergency exits at the lowest level (basement) of your house for this reason.

Actually, It’s the Law..

Most building codes require egress access. In Toledo, you can review these requirements here: In general, these requirements for your safety are:

For windows –
-The window must be at least 5.7 square feet overall.
-The exit must be at least 24 inches high.
-The exit must be at least 20 inches wide
-The window sill must be no taller than 44 inches off the floor.

When the exit is a basement window, the window well must be –
-Must be at least 36 inches wide.
-Protrude at least 36 inches from the wall.
-No deeper than 44 inches without a ladder, unlimited with a ladder.

There Are Different Options To Choose From!

There are several solutions for window wells. You can have ones that are metal and meet the bare minimum requirements. You can get window wells that are brick. You can even have window wells that are over 44 inches deep if you have ladders. Ladders can be built into the window well. Brick is an excellent choice, or you can have a traditional ladder. If you go with conventional ladders, make sure that they will be stable for an emergency exit from the building.

Egress Windows Are Useless Without A Plan Of Action

Most importantly, you must lay out what to do in the event of an actual emergency. Statistically, you and your family’s chances of survival increase exponentially with practicing fire drills using only the emergency windows. You should still practice emergency exit fire drills that include where you meet after exiting the building. You should practice all the important safety drills. Also it’s important to get to the meeting spot expeditiously, which can save not only your life but the lives of firefighters responding to your 911 call. They will not have to enter the building, searching for people lost in the fire, if they are sure that all residents have evacuated the building.

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