Wet-Basement? Here’s The Solution

Springtime, what joy! Beautiful landscapes, birds chirping, the promise of warmer months ahead…and heavy, heavy rains, too. Afraid of a wet basement? Smell something a little…musty? Use your quarantine time wisely and look for these 5 key clues you’ve got a leaky basement.

Check the gutters:

Leaky gutters are one of the main culprits of a wet-basement. Make sure downspouts have an extension system to drain water at least 3 feet from the foundation. This prevents water pooling next to the foundation, which can then pool on the bottom floor. Additionally, gutters are magnets for organic material like branches and leaves, which trap water into a marshy mess. Clean out gutters to allow water to flow through the system and not gush everywhere on the side of the house.

Wet-basement? Scope out the shrubs:

Bushes and tree roots can carve their way into the foundation, creating an easy access for water to leak in. Even soil can become waterlogged. That excess water can then seep into underground walls. A few hours of landscape work could be all it takes to keep your basement dry. Replace soil and trim shrubbery away from the house to prevent the foundation from drowning in a wet-basement.

Inspect the walls:

Cracks in the external foundation can allow water to seep in, creating wet walls and streaky mildew. Hydraulic cement is the best option for a true seal against the environment.

Halt humidity:

If a room is too humid, water will come and go as it pleases – essentially an invisible culprit. How to know? Tape a sheet of aluminum foil on the wall and wait 24 hours; if the outside of the sheet is wet, the room is humid. Install a dehumidifier for an easy fix.

Piping it out:

Look up! Metal pipes easily collect condensation with various weather changes. These tiny drippings can create big problems if left alone. Install foam insulation to catch drippings before they land on whatever you store in your basement.

Other Potential Wet-Basement Problems

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