A moist foundation can cause many structural issues for your home. Damp spaces also present severe health concerns because of the mold growth and other pests that come with it. This is why crawl space repair is important.

Don’t suffer the consequences of a poorly maintained foundation. There are many ways homeowners can keep their crawl spaces in good shape. We’ve listed some of them below.

  1. Fiberglass in the crawl space for insulation

Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials used today for insulation in homes. Some homeowners use it for insulation of their crawl space hoping to save energy. However, fiberglass isn’t suitable for use in a crawl space. When exposed to high levels of moisture, fiberglass traps water and becomes saturated. The water trapped in the fiberglass can make your damp crawl space even worse. Additionally, the damp fiberglass provides the perfect environment for the growth and development of mold and other pests.

  1. Spray foam insulation

Other homeowners who realize the problems with fiberglass in the crawl space may resort to the use of spray foam. Spray foam however, also traps water when in a humid environment. The water will be trapped between the foam and wall. This is likely to result in wood rot and other moisture problems in the crawl space.

  1. Open vents

Circulation of air is important in any space. However, this should be controlled when it comes to a crawl space. Some homeowners believe that allowing circulation through open vents in the crawl space reduces the levels of moisture in the crawl space. Open vents however, only result in even more moisture collecting in the crawl space. Vents should be covered in a crawl space. The crawl space should be completely closed off from the rest of the environment for best results.

  1. Poor drainage

Even after encapsulating your crawl space, you can still experience moisture problems if you do not pay attention to drainage. Water can pool in the crawl space where drainage hasn’t been considered. A professional waterproofing contractor will help by designing the best drainage system for your crawl space. This ensures that water is directed away from the crawl space leaving the space dry.

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