Basement wood damage can be caused by water and mold. This damage can be very critical when it comes to the structure of your home. Structural repairs will fix this issue but first, let’s find the cause of structural repairs.

How Water Gets into Your Basement

Concrete is porous. Water seeps through it in the form of water vapor. This makes your basement and crawl space a source of constant humidity and dampness. Water finds its way into your basement in other ways, through cracks in the wall or flooring and joints. Open vents and ill-fitting doors and windows can cause dampness to enter. Once water makes its way in, the problems start.

If your basement leaks when it rains, that is a sign you have a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Structural Damage to Basements and Crawl Spaces

Water and excessive dampness can cause several problems in your home. Wood will rot if damp and moisture are allowed to stay for a prolonged period. The rot will cause structural damage to your home. Improper drainage can cause damage to the walls: bowing or cracks form. Floor joists can rot and compromise the integrity of the house’s structure.

Similarly, structural damage can be a problem to repair. If not done correctly it could lead to years of ongoing expense.

Unhealthy Air Quality in Your Home

Mildew and mold grow in damp areas. Therefore, causes unhealthy air quality in your home. Much of the air you breathe comes from your basement or crawl space, over 40%. An unhealthy basement or crawlspace makes your home unhealthy. Black mold can cause medical problems for you and your family.

Fixing Structural Damage the Right Way

We at Toledo Basement Repair use the latest technology to fix basement and crawlspace damage. Our solutions are affordable. Repairs are long-term and we do it right the first time. Whether it’s concrete, brick, or wooden structural, repairs are permanent. Floor joists are an essential structural component of a structurally sound home. Built correctly, they support the main floor.

In other words, we can reinforce and straighten basement walls that are bowing, cracking or have other problems. Our registered engineers build the proper support for a weak foundation.

Locating and Identifying Mold and Professional Removal

Often you won’t be able to see the mold. Therefore, it tends to hide behind: panels, wallpaper, shelving. It can be found under carpets and around leaking pipes. For instance, our certified technicians who provide thorough mold inspection and removal. After that, we take the crucial steps for you, detection, treatment, and prevention.

We Provide Certified Service

We use engineering data and the latest technology to ensure each foundation we repair is permanently sound. In addition, we offer a Healthy Basement Certificate.

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