Protect Your Investment

Since your home is probably the largest investment you own, you should be spending time on seasonal maintenance to protect that investment. As you do your Spring Check for needed household repairs, your basement should be included. Wet, musty odor could be an indication that water may also be affecting your foundation. Can you smell that stale mold and mildew odor or notice water damage on the things you store there? Water damage can also cause deterioration of the floors and walls over time. You need an expert eye and knowledgeable professionals to protect your home and investment. In Toledo and surrounding areas, you need Toledo Basement Repair. Not only will you be working with experts in identifying water problems, you will also be offered a permanent solution to fix them.

Water Control

If you are not currently using water control, such as a sump pump, during heavy rains, you are allowing water to enter your home. Water may seep in during rainy seasons and leaves more than wetness behind. It may even flood. You may also see mold and cracks in the floor or walls. Some causes could be leaky windows, water settling around the foundation or flooding. You can trust the specialists at Toledo Basement Repair to identify your water problem and recommend the best solution for you.

How Are Your Gutters?

Another thing you can check for during your normal maintenance routine is the gutters for debris that may prevent proper drainage. Overflowing gutters during heavy rains allow water to settle around your home’s foundation. Make sure that the downspouts are positioned for water to flow away from your house. If you live on a slope or downhill from your neighbors, their water may be contributing to water around your foundation. Toledo Basement Repair offers a variety of solutions, systems, and products to rectify any situation! Don’t wait until cracks appear in the walls and floors to waterproof.

While you are checking the screens and caulking on the windows, the roof for missing shingles and other areas of your home for Spring repairs, remember to also check your basement. If you see any of the signs of water damage, which include:

  • Constant wetness and standing water
  • Dank, musty smell and mold
  • Stained, curved or bowed walls
  • Cracks in the walls or floor

Protect your investment and be sure to contact your local experts, Toledo Basement Repair! We serve Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania. Holland, Oregon, Perrysburg, Rossford and all surrounding areas. We have the right solutions for you and your basement. Call us TODAY!

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