Spring is the time for people to start looking for a new home. From families looking to settle into their neighborhood before school next fall to people looking for a new adventure by summer, people everywhere come out of their winter rut looking for a new place to settle down. But with everyone looking for a new home, it can be stressful for people to put in their bids before anyone else. This quick decision can mean people miss signals the home may be giving them. So before you head out on your next tour, let’s take a look at some water damage warning signs a home may be giving you.

Damp, Musty Odor

If the basement smells like a locker room, chances are it isn’t from moldy sweat socks. This damp, musty smell could be from years of water seeping into the basement. While there may be no other signs of water damage, this should be enough to drive you away from the home.


If you notice a white, chalky substance on the walls of the home, it could mean water has been seeping into the concrete walls. When the water evaporates, it leaves mineral deposits that leach out of the wall cracks and openings. While it isn’t a serious problem, it could mean the walls are not waterproofed properly.


One of the biggest give away of water damage is mold. The presence of mold in the basement is always a cause for concern. If you purchase a house with mold, it could mean you’ll have to repair the leak and have the basement remediated before living in the home. But mold doesn’t have to be visible for you to know it is there. If the basement smells musty and damp, it could be a sign of mold. To be certain, don’t be afraid to ask for a mold inspection before settling on the home to determine if there is a serious problem.

There are many signs that your potential home has a water damage problem. For more information on signs of water damage or to have your current home waterproofedcall Toledo Basement Repair today!

Signs of Basement Water Damage

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