“Favian, Willy, JD, and Mitch were VERY respectful/careful of my home/property. Our Questions were answered patiently – and if unknown they made a call to check it out. I am very confident the job was done well. I would not hesitate to call the again if needed!!”

Date: 10/26/2017
Location: Perrysburg, Ohio

The Problem

The walls were beginning to bow in and racks were forming on the walls. The basement was even starting to take on water.

The Objective

We are going to go in and secure the walls to prevent bowing and stop the foundation from going bad. Then proceed to put in a our waterproofing system, to keep the basement dry and safe!

The Results

The end result is the customer has a nice dry basement to use for storage, without the worry of mold, and a foundation that will last for many more years to come!

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