If you are planning on having your basement made-over, we have some tips for you! For a person with no prior experience, things could get a bit overwhelming. But do not worry! We at Toledo Basement Repair have got you covered. Here is an article to make your makeover process easier and worry-free. We want to make sure that you are aware of what might arise while remodeling, and how to avoid unnecessary risks. Here are some 5 important tips.

1 Check the building code

Before you start remodeling, make sure that you have the necessary permits to do so. This will help you avoid unnecessary headaches with people involved and would let you do your work legally and peacefully.

2 Seal around rim joists

Did you know that the area of rim joists is the place where most leakage of air can happen? Yes, the air can leak here more than all windows in your house combined! So, in order to avoid energy loss, make sure that the rim joists are insulated properly.

3 Check moisture problems

We all know that mold can cause intense health problems such as respiratory issues, neurological disorders, etc. That is why you need to get rid of any mold. A simple idea would be to get a dehumidifier. This helps lower the risks caused by humidity. But it does NOT eliminate the mold that is already growing in your basement. Our services at Toledo Basement Repair can spare you the risk of looking for mold in unseen places and professionally getting rid of it.

4 Watch out for water leakage

You need to know where the water is exactly coming from. If you can trace it, go ahead and seal these spaces. But sometimes, it happens that the drainage system of your house is not well mapped or is installed improperly. This causes the water to end up under your house instead of outside of it. Here, you need to have a proper gutter system installed outside your house instead of one that goes under it.

5 Empty out your drainage system

It is wise to not only install the gutter system but also clean it frequently. This helps avoid it from getting clogged by twigs, leaves, etc. The idea is to make sure that the water is running in its intended place at all times, and not in areas where it shouldn’t.


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