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Foundation Cracks and Your Roof Marietta, KY

Do you have foundation cracks? Many homeowners ignore cracks in their foundation, especially if they are small. However, did you know that failure to repair those cracks in your foundation could damage your roof?

A shifting foundation

Foundation cracks are often a sign of shifting of your foundation. While slight movements of your foundation are regular, extensive shifting of the soils around the foundation can result in too much movement too quickly. This shifting is often caused by changes in moisture levels in the ground.

When soils around the foundation absorb water, they expand. This expansion is quite normal. However, when they drink too much water, they expand to many times their original size. This increases the pressure being exerted against the foundation wall. This causes the foundation wall to bow and crack.


Soils also shift away from the foundation. This occurs when the grounds lose moisture during the dry season—the soil shrinks. In drought, the soils may shrink to create gaps between the earth and the foundation wall. The foundation wall loses the support provided by the ground around it. This results in the foundation walls cracking.

The first signs of a shifting foundation are in the form of cracks. However, the damage isn’t confined to the basement. A shifting foundation often results in the shifting of the roof. You may notice damage such as bowing or curving along the roof’s ridgeline. While roofs are designed to withstand shifting of a few inches in the foundation, extensive shifting can damage the roof. Extreme shifting results in separations in the roof. You may begin to experience leaks in the rainy season. Your home is also likely to become infested with mold and pests.


Repair your foundation cracks

Roof repair isn’t cheap, especially when it is the result of foundation shifting. It will mean extensive repairs to the structure of the home. You will also need to invest in foundation repair to prevent further damage to your roof.

We recommend repairing your foundation as soon as possible to avoid the expense of repairing a roof and other structural damage to your home. However, it’s not too late if you have noticed damage to your roof. Start by investing in foundation repair to secure your property. You can then invest in roof repair.

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