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Air & Mold

We strive to provide homeowners in Monroe Michigan with the best basement and crawl space dehumidification systems available for their homes. Over 40% of the air you breathe on the 1st floor of your home comes from your basement or crawl space through a natural occurrence called stack-effect. If your basement or crawl space is not healthy, then your home is not healthy.
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Air Filtration
An air filtration system installation in Southeast Michigan will help improve the air quality by combating the natural “stack effect” (the law of physics that says warm air rises) in the home thereby allowing your homes existing heating and air conditioning system to address the basement as well. Our air filtration system creates a much-needed path of escape for the dirty basement air and introduces the existing clean, dry air from upstairs to replace that damp, polluted air.
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Fresh Air Systems
It is absolutlely necessary to seal any vents or areas where outside air can enter in order to prevent potential health issues, mold, mildew, odors and other damage in your crawl space. By doing so, the sealed vents will not only keep outside air out but it will help with other elements such as insects, overly hot or cold temperatures, and keeping the moisture level down. Our patented vent covers are mechanically attached to form an airtight bond to help protect your home in Monroe Michigan.
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Mold Identification, Location, & Removal
Our certified technicians at Toledo Basement Repair provide thorough mold inspection and removal in Southeast Michigan. Mold testing is usually not required because the CPC does not differentiate mold identification, as all molds contain health risks. The important steps to be taken are mold detection, treatment, and prevention.
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Radon Removal & Remediation
Our expert technicians are certified in Radon Testing and Mitigation in Monroe Michigan and guarantee radon removal after detection. To ensure consistent and effective results, radon inspectors use designated protocol and are regulated by the EPA. Radon levels can vary greatly from house to house, so our process starts with a thorough radon inspection to determine location and density. Our radon mitigation systems address the problem at the source by redirecting the offending gas through appropriate ventilation of the basement.
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Basement Egress

At Toledo Basement Repair we offer a wide variety of basement egress solutions in Southeast Michigan, that meet the current IRC code for building a finished basement, so you can have peace of mind in the event of a fire or other emergency. Our egress windows are easy-to-open windows that serve as an emergency exit for below-ground living space of any kind.
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Structural Repair

Deep Foundation Systems
Toledo Basement Repair works closely with registered professional engineers in Monroe Michigan. We determine which steel piering system is best suited for each project. We have several choices available, depending on your structure’s foundation design and the underlying soil composition. Either the push pier or helical pier system will be offered as a solution to your foundation problems.
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Other Foundation Repairs
Our foundation repair team uses engineering data and the latest technology to ensure that each foundation we repair in SE Michigan is done right, on time, and cost-effectively – and stays that way. If your foundation is in trouble, please contact us for a consultation for floor joist repairs, rotted joist replacements and, wall reinforcement and straightening.
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Wet Basements

Crawl Space Waterproofing
Does your crawlspace in SE Michigan have moldy smells, signs of water on the floor, or wet soil? These are indications that your crawl space requires a waterproofing system installed by professionals at Toledo Basement Repair.
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Water Problems
We are able to diagnose foundation water problems and fix them in Monroe Michigan, before irreparable damage occurs. If you have observed rust forming, cracks in the floor or walls, or mildew becomes evident, you need to have your foundation checked by our in-house certified specialist.
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Water Proofing Solutions
Toledo Basement Repair offers mutliple leves of protection against water damage in Southeast Michigan. Your drain tile system will be inspected and new tile areas are covered with a river rock aggregate.
We then cover the tile with #6 stone to create a porous system which allows for any water to flow to the drain tile. Porous fabric is used to prevent settling.
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Sump Pumps
At Toledo Basement Repair, for residents in SE Michigan we recommend our GrateSump™ Sump Pump Liner with our FastSump™ Sump Pump. Our GrateSump™ liner has large punched holes that allow ground water to easily enter and to be pumped out and has a built in pump stand which keeps dirt away from the sump pump impeller.
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