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The appropriate bases hold houses above the ground. It also helps resist earth movements, provides insulation against the cold, and keeps moisture out of our homes. The base of a house is something that is done once and expected to last a lifetime. It also keeps critters and bugs living under the soil out of the home. Bases also separate wood framing from termites, which can wreak havoc. Improperly constructed bases make your home vulnerable to insects. Therefore, it is practical to concentrate on the details that guarantee it remains crack-free and dry for as long as it holds up the house.

The following signs indicate problems with your house base

Diagonal Cracks in the Wall

If you notice gaps on the brick exterior or your foundation, it is a sign of problems. Over time, the base of your house moves due to various conditions. If this happens, the house base can shift, resulting in gaps, which pose a serious concern. The problem is caused by inclement weather and contracting or expanding soils. Although house bases are expected to sink and develop tiny cracks during the first three years after construction, horizontal or diagonal faults on the concrete block walls or brick exteriors indicate a more severe problem. A gap measuring a quarter inch should warrant concern. A horizontal or diagonal crack is deemed more severe than a vertical one as it indicates that your house base perimeter is under intense pressure. If you notice this problem, contact Toledo Basement Repair for an assessment and consequent repairs.

Exterior Stair Step Brick Cracks

A stair-shaped crack on a brick wall is an indication of problems with house bases. The problem is noticeable in brick walls’ mortar joints. A similar pattern can also be visible on the inside of the house in the crawl base or basement. A corresponding crack can be seen around the corner of an adjacent wall. The faults often continue to the bottom of the wall and into the base holding the bricks. When such a problem occurs, it indicates that a part of the wall settled slower or faster than others. Toledo Basement Repair can fix this problem before more settling occurs and other issues arise, such as bowing walls, dropped or sloping floors, and misaligned doorways.

Doors not closing

If you notice a door sticking, it is a sign of a problem with the foundation. Interior doors drag or stick at the top, while exterior ones appear uneven or hang down at the top or drag at the threshold. For instance, the top left side may be more elevated than the top right side by as little as ¼”. This problem affects all types of beam, pier, and slab bases to affect any property.

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Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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