Is Your Foundation In Need Of Repair?

Perhaps the most important yet overlooked parts of your house are the foundation and footings. They not only provide a level base on which to build, but they support the weight of your entire house and everything in it. Did you know that even a modest sized house can weigh well over 100,000 pounds? With all of that weight resting on the base, it’s easy to see how it could sink or settle over time. A sinking foundation is almost always repairable, and the sooner the better, since ignoring it will usually result in damage to other parts of your house and the need for additional expensive repairs.

How can you tell when you have a problem? At Toledo Basement Repair, we have seen it all when it comes to foundation issues, so read on to determine if your foundation is in need of repair.

Visible Shift of Your House

This is the most obvious sign your foundation is in need of repair. If you can tell that your house has moved just by looking at it, you almost certainly have a very serious problem. In fact, your home may no longer be safe for occupancy. If you find yourself in this situation, call Toledo Basement Repair immediately so we can assess the situation.

Cracks in the Concrete Footings

Concrete is extremely strong, but not very flexible, which means it breaks before it bends. When footings sink into the ground, they seldom sink evenly, and since concrete doesn’t bend, a crack will form at the break.

Cracks in Drywall or Plaster

It’s not uncommon to see cracks in your walls, especially if you own an older home. The cracks are often attributed to the age of the house and assumed to be normal. While the occasional crack may form due to drying and shrinking of the wall material, it’s also quite possible that it’s the result of sinking. Watch the cracks for changes over time. If a small crack becomes larger, it means something is moving, and that something means your foundation is in need of repair.

Uneven Floors

Do your floors have hills, valleys, ridges or cracks? If your floor appears to have moved or formed a crack, it’s very likely due to movement in whatever is holding it up, and a foundation repair may be needed to bring things back into alignment.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Do you have a door or window that no longer opens or closes smoothly? It may not be a problem with the door or window itself, but rather the framing of the opening. Settling will cause this framing to move to the point that the opening is no longer the same shape as the door or window. This causes binding and dragging that can make opening or closing difficult or impossible.

For additional information on these and other symptoms, please visit and then give us a call at Toledo Basement Repair to discuss your options for foundation repair.


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