Have you recently purchased a new house? Are there cracks in the foundation, water stains on your ceiling, or mold in your basement? If so, then it is likely that you need to hire an interior waterproofing contractor. It’s important for homeowners to know what this process entails before you hire someone to make a waterproof basement.

What is Interior Water-Proofing

Interior waterproofing applies a liquid membrane over concrete walls or floors with cracks or will open through which liquid can penetrate. This prevents moisture from entering into the home’s structure below the surface level of where the membrane was applied. It will also prevent any future damage that may occur. The most common area of a home to waterproof is in the basement. Because it is built into the ground, the moisture from the soil continually harms the home if it is not properly waterproofed. Doing this process yourself can be overwhelming if you don’t have any prior experience. You need to hire a company like Toledo Basement Repair in order to get the job done right.

How does water get in?

You’ll find several causes in which water leaks into a home. Such as improper slopes, improper drainage and soil systems, poor install of gutters, condensation, cracks, and hydrostatic pressure. An improper slope can cause liquid to gather in specific parts of your home. If you are able to get the area waterproofed, you can avoid these pools of liquid which cause significant inside damage. When the water flow on your property isn’t directed away from the home you have a bad drainage and soil system. Just like with an improper slope, the liquid can gather around the bottom of your home and seep through the cracks.

It’s important to properly maintain your gutters the liquid could drip directly down into the ground instead of away from the home. When this happens you’ll notice more liquid collects to the lower areas than in any other area. Too much condensation in your bottom level from cracks can lead to mold or mildew growth on the walls. Seal all the cracks so that moisture can’t get in. The same process works just as well if you’re experiencing hydrostatic pressure. When liquid gathers below your concrete foundation it creates pressure on your floors that could seep up through cracks. Seal these cracks will help your home stay protected. If you can, get a free quote from a service like Toledo Basement Repair offers so you know how much to expect to pay.

Why Choose Toledo Basement Repair?

We’ve been working on homes and basements for years and realize how much damage water can cause on the inside of your home. That’s why we offer free quotes for every job and a 10% discount on your next service. We understand working inside of someone’s home has become a delicate topic. Our staff to use mandatory precautions and continually look for new ways to include safety as part of our service. We want you to feel comfortable while getting your home protected.

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