Patched Cracks in Basement Wall

Thinking about fixing your basement wall cracks with a do-it-yourself patch? You may want to reconsider.

Northwestern Ohio averages 32 inches of rain each year.  According to the National Weather Service records, the amount of precipitation last year was a bit heavier than 2019, but we’ve still had a pretty wet and year. For homeowners with an aging basement or a home where the foundation walls have lost their seal, any amount of rain is bad news.

As time passes, the water sealant used on basements walls breaks down and lets leaks into the foundation walls and basement of the home.  Slowly, but surely, these leaks can do damage to the foundation of the home. It happens so slowing, you may not even realize it’s happened! We want you to be prepared. So, here’s a list of the warning signs:

Early Signs of Water Damage:

  1. Cracks in the walls
  2. Cracks along the seams where the walls meet the floor
  3. Water sitting along the basement walls
  4. Peeling paint
  5. Mold
  6. Musty odor

These early warning signs are easy to spot and identify.  Fixing the problem is generally not that simple. The repair work really should be done by an expert.

Do-It-Yourself Patch Work:

Handy homeowners can patch a basement wall or the cracks that have appeared along the walls and the basement floor. There are a ton of YouTube videos showing you how to fix the cracks. If you follow their instructions, you might just be led to believe that the job is done and calling an expert is unnecessary.

Those videos, however, do not show the whole picture, pre or post patch. Patching a crack in the basement wall might be doable for many homeowners, but the problem probably isn’t fixed.

Ask yourself:

Has the water seepage that was happening before I “fixed” the crack been stopped?

Where was that water coming from anyway?

Will the water find another spot and find it’s way back into the basement?

How is the wall sealant holding up?

Is water sitting around the foundation and finding a way into the home?

Patching a basement crack in the wall by yourself is only a temporary and cosmetic fix.  The problem will most likely persist, maybe even damaging the foundation, too. An expert will show you know where the water is coming from, whether you have water inside the walls or if you have insects that can damage the wood frame of the home.

Patching a crack – and all basement repair work – should be done by a professional company that can ensure that your home will continue standing for many years to come.

Toledo Basement Repair is here to help! Give us a call and one of our friendly, professional staff will be happy to visit your home and suggest the solution your home really needs. We won’t push you into a system that you do not fully understand or feel comfortable with. We want to do what’s best for your home. Contact us today!


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