Hunting for a Healthy Home

If you’re searching for a new healthy home this season, be careful not to forget one of the most important but often overlooked parts of a house. Your new basement might hold important clues about the health of your home, and keeping a sharp eye out for the following signs can help make sure you make the right choice. Toledo Basement Repair is here to help you protect your home and family into the future.

What Toledo Basements Say About Your Home

Ohio winters are no joke! Lake-effect weather patterns can cause snow to pile up, blocked gutters can lead to water seepage, and too much moisture can create ideal conditions for mold. When the snow melts and the rains come in the spring, a basement can reveal how well a home will hold up through the seasons. If the foundation is healthy, the home is healthy. But the first, most obvious indicator that a basement needs help is excess moisture and water damage. Be sure to look for sure-fire signs like:

  • Cracks in wall and floor
  • Peeling Paint
  • Musty Smells
  • Sinking floors
  • Mold

Cracks in the wall and floor can indicate that there are potential structural problems, but these can be solved through several solutions, including Epoxy, Polyurethane, or Bentonite Injection, as well as Surface Cementitious Compounds (all offered by Toledo Basement Repair). Peeling paint and musty smells demonstrate that water is in the atmosphere and possibly standing within the structure. Sinking floors are a possible sign that water under your home has eroded the dirt below the concrete. Basement mold and fungus comes in colors ranging from light gray to black with green, blue, or brown tinges. If left unattended, mold will grow through the rest of the home. It’s potentially hazardous to your health!

Futureproof a Healthy Home By Waterproofing Your Basement

All of these signs indicate that somehow water is getting into places where it shouldn’t. Seeing any of these things may put you off of buying the home you want. But there are solutions and answers to all of these. Just because you see a problem doesn’t mean your dream home is doomed. Simply call us here at Toledo Basement Repair for a free estimate and 10% off your next service.

You want your family and your home to be as healthy as possible. With that in mind, it’s important to note that we are taking EXTRA safety pre-cautions with regards to the Covid-19 virus. Your health and the health of your home are our top priority! So be sure when you’re house hunting for a new home that you pay extra attention to what’s under it. If you see any of the signs mentioned here, it could just mean the house is due for a check-up!

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