Basements aren’t frequented regularly which may lead to neglect and in turn, could damage your home. Warning signs won’t appear with flashing lights. Instead, you must look carefully through your basement for damage. The basement is an important part of your home and you must check on its integrity. So, here are four signs you may need to fix in your basement.

1. It is unused or unfinished.

When did you last use the basement? If a basement is not frequented regularly then there are signs you may miss. Go downstairs and look around your basement this will ensure that things are running smoothly. If you keep track of your basement you will soon realize what to watch out for. So, if you haven’t seen your basement in a while it’s time to check it out.

2. It is dull and smells moldy.

How does your basement smell?  If the area smells moldy or musky there may be a leak. Some leaks are a result of heavy rains. The rain fills the soil and threatens the interior and exterior walls causing cracks. Small amounts of water may lead to the growth of mildew and mold. Mold is a huge health risk for everyone in the home. Do not let mold prevent you from enjoying your home.

3. There is damage.

Does anything look broken?  You should always be on the lookout for structural problems. Damage can show up in various ways. Damage includes warped walls, foundation cracks, or cracked walls. For most of these issues, get an experienced licensed home improvement contractor. They will help you with spotting hidden damages and aid in repair. You can work with Toledo Basement Repair to improve the area and make it a useful space in your home.

4. You see the need to update.

When was the last time the home was remodeled? Older homes are often built with materials no longer in use. The material may not be waterproof or may include harmful chemicals like asbestos. Over the years building materials and methods have changed. And older basements may not be of current quality and materials.

These are some of the signs in basements that show it is time for fixing. There are many benefits you gain from improving this part of your home. Toledo Basement Repair offers a free estimate for waterproofing. Or any other improvement work you may need. We also offer ten percent off your next service. We take extra precautions in this time of Covid-19, so we assure your safety. Check us out on Facebook to get updates on our blogs

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