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Foundation repair is remedying any damage to a foundation utilizing intensive construction work. This process may include shoring and underpinning to re-establish the original level or involve additional support materials such as concrete rubble, steel, or timber piles. There are various causes of foundation damage that may require various repair methods.

Foundation crack repair

Foundation crack repair is remedying any damage to a foundation by employing intensive construction work. Generally, it refers to shoring and underpinning to re-establish the original level. Depending on their nature, there are several different types of foundation crack closure. If foundation cracks are relatively small, they may be closed by adding supports with temporary materials such as timbers or steel ties. In other cases, it may be necessary to underpin the entire foundation.


Foundation underpinning is a repair process of extending the existing foundation to compensate for the settlement or heave of a building. This process may include shoring and underpinning to re-establish the original level. Underpinning is often used in areas where the soil conditions are volatile, causing a building’s foundations to shift. When this occurs, it may cause the structure above it to be at risk of severe damage or even collapse. This can be extremely costly to repair, so underpinning allows homeowners, business owners, and architects more time and money to fix their buildings properly.

Foundation wall failure

A foundation wall failure occurs when a building’s foundation erodes due to shifting soil or poor drainage. This can cause severe problems for the upper levels of the structure above, as it will begin to wobble and twist in strange ways. This type of repair is often the most expensive since it involves extensive excavation and sometimes even the rebuilding of a large portion of the foundation wall. In some cases, it may be necessary to rebar the entire wall and pour a new concrete foundation to bring the structure back to safe conditions.

Foundation Repair Cost

There will be a variety of costs involved in foundation repair. The cost for each repair will vary depending upon the nature of the damage and the materials used to fix it. A more significant foundation usually requires more material, which can be expensive. More minor cracks may only require a few support timbers to be added to keep everything stable until the process is complete. You will also need to estimate the time it will take to fix the issue. This can help prevent delays and complications during the repair process.

Foundation Repair Near Me

Contact a local building or contractor supply store to find a repair professional. They can usually point you toward a dependable company for this type of repair. You can also get some possible estimates by visiting their website and filling out the form on their page. You should be able to get an approximate cost for the repair and book an appointment for a consultation.

In conclusion, there are many types of foundation repair, and each repair requires varying methods. We, at Toledo Basement Repair, offer a free estimate on any waterproofing or basement needs, and we can also off 10% off your next service. Contact us today! You can also check us out on Facebook!

Basement Waterproofing Toledo & Structural Repair
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