Don’t Let A Moldy Basement Ruin The Holiday Season

It’s a good thing Santa gets into homes through the roof or chimney, and not the basement. After coming through the basement of 20 or 25 homes, Santa would most likely come out coughing, wheezing, having allergic reactions, reddened eyes nasal stuffiness and susceptibility to catching pneumonia.

Mold prevention

Mold in basements is a serious business, and while Santa doesn’t have to deal with it, there’s a good chance your family, particularly your children do. That’s why a mold prevent plan is essential.

Folks in the east and mid-west have been using basements as utility rooms and playrooms for children for generations, but it’s only with the last 20 years or so, that doctors, patients, and organizations such as the Center For Disease Control have generally acknowledged that mold is serious business.

Nearly 70 percent of houses in the Toledo area were built between 1950 and 2000 when mold consciousness really started to take place. As a consequence, people in the Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas need to be particularly vigilant for signs of water damage and mold in both basements and crawl spaces.

According to Basement top tips for maintaining your basement include:

  • Using a dehumidifier in your basement to keep the humidity low.
  • Keep the basement warm in the winter to keep humidity down. Many people turn off the heat in an unused basement, but this can cause humidity problems.
  • Get rid of basement carpeting. Carpeting encourages both dust and mold, and the basement environment is not the same as in the upper area of the house. Tile or vinyl flooring is recommended.
  • Get rid of fiberglass insulation in crawl spaces. Fiberglass insulation pretty much will lose all its insulating power if it becomes damp or wet. Choose another type of insulation.
  • Store belongings properly in an unfinished basement. Cardboard boxes laying directly on the cement floor will become moldy if they get wet. Use wood pallets, metal shelving, etc, to prevent your belongs from getting wet.
    Also, don’t store boxes against the foundation walls.

What do you do if you suspect mold or water problems?

Call an expert such as Toledo Basement Repair, not far from Toledo Memorial Park or the Walmart Super Center.

Managed by a chief project specialist who is an experienced, civil engineer. Toledo Basement Repair can provide free quotes as to permanent solutions to solve your water problems.

We can provide:

  • Ground water control
  • Pump and Power backup protection
  • Grate Drain Control to keep basements from flooding
  • Full Wall Protection
  • Moisture Control System
  • Offer System Control Backup

Operating out of Toledo, but covering homes as far away as Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Adrian, Monroe, and Sylvania, Toledo Basement Repair is the premier basement repair experts in the area.


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