All it takes is an inch of water in a basement to incur up to twenty-five thousand dollars in damages. But don’t distress because egress can help. We at Toledo Basement Repair hope to help you make sure spring showers and summer storms stay on the outside where they belong.

Nothing is more important than an unshakable sense of security. No one ever wants to imagine a tragedy occurring in their home but having an emergency escape plan could quite literally save the lives of everyone in your home. Safety is our number one priority at Toledo Basement Repair. The safety of you, your belongings, your home are our major motivations. Make our egress windows a part of your plan.

Form and Function

An egress window is just as it sounds. They are wider than other windows, varying in shape and mechanism. Some involve handles and others are simple as sliding windows. For below-ground areas, this often involves digging a “well” to maximize ventilation and exterior basement egress. This may sound like a dirty hole in the ground to the uninitiated. These wells are clean, well-constructed additions to your home increasing its value and safety just by existing.

While its primary purpose is still to provide ventilation and a view, egress windows serve as a better emergency escape and entrance points from your home than traditional windows. In case of fire or other emergencies, exterior basement egress windows make it easier for you to get out and first responders to get in. You don’t need to compromise between peace of mind and keeping to your budget.

Know Where You Stand

Almost as important in financial terms as water damage is knowing where you stand in the eyes of the law. Your home, especially if it’s an older structure, may not be up to code. Buildings from before World War Two mainly used their basement floors for storage and commonly do not have properly sized windows. If you use your basement as a living space it is mandated by law that any windows allow for proper egress in and out of the room. Living space doesn’t mean just bedrooms, either. Game rooms, home offices, and gyms also require egress windows.

Egress not Egregious

Toledo Basement Repair wants you to feel the utmost confidence in choosing us for your window installation and waterproofing needs. Estimates are completely free, absolutely no commitment needed, and we offer ten percent off the next service. We take your satisfaction and well-being very seriously. All our professionals are taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions above and beyond CDC regulations to keep your home safe.

Seize the initiative and take advantage of our free estimates. Doing so could save you a great deal of money and time dealing with legal headaches. When in doubt Toledo Basement Repair representative is only a phone call away. Or you can visit our website at And check out our Facebook!

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